1698 – Real Ale in the bottle

1698 – is the year of foundation the British’s oldest brewery and the name of jubilee ale. Interestingly, this is Real Ale. What does it mean? I invite you to read my new post.


This brewery is obviously Shepherd Neame from Faversham, Kent. This brewery was founded in 1698 and to celebrate the tercentenary anniversary decided to create a special beer.
Therefore been introduced for sale in 1998 jubilee liquor with an alcohol content 10,5%.
At the same time the beer went to pubs in caskach (4.5% abv) and as pasteurized bottled as Celebration Ale.

Celebration Ale

In March 2005, relaunched production of this beer and hence we have the unique strong ale with 6.5% ABV bearing the name 1698.
And why unique?

First, 1698 it’s ale produced by the brewery only in the bottles. While others, previously described beers from Shepherd Neame, are brewed at the same time as cask-ale and in the bottles (possibly in kegs), the beer 1698 occurs only in bottles.

It wouldn’t be especially unique, if not for the fact that it is ale which conditioning process takes place in the bottle.
The carbonation is a natural result of the action of yeast and sugar and in the case of this beer this process is in the bottles. According to the producer thanks to 1698 has a unique aroma and flavour, and carbonation reminiscent of bubbles of champagne (I’ll see if that really so).
Exactly the same happens in the case of real ales in casks, so this ale complies the conditions for the use this name.

As a curiosity I mention that hops in the brewing process of 1698 are added three times.

PGI logo


For the production of this ale Shepherd Neame uses malt from locally sourced barley, hops from Kent, water from its own artesian well – 1698 is in fullest sense regional product.
Therefore, it can be proud of PGI (Protected Geographical Indication).



A silver medal winner in the Taste of Britain Awards, 1698 has been included in the International Beer Challenge’s World’s Top 50 Beers and has won a Gold Award from the British Bottlers’ Institute.

It promises to be another good ale from Shepherd Neame. The time has come for tasting.

Once again we have a stylish and elegant label I must admit that it fits well to the character of beer and for brown glass bottle. Certainly much more than previous label in blue colour on a bottle of transparent glass.


Name: 1698 (English Strong Ale, 6,5% ABV)
Brewery:Shepherd Neame Ltd. (Faversham, Kent, England)

Expiration date: 09/2016

1698 beer from Shepherd Neame
1698 from Shepherd Neame - labels & cap


test-look-small After opening the bottle on the neck is visible yeast raid, similar on the bottom of the bottle visible sediment
Colour of this beer is amber with copper tint.
Visible is quite large number of particles of flocculent precipitate yeast.
White head quite high, small and medium-sized bubbles.
Beer is fairly dense, while drinking can be seen as slowly flows down the glass.
test-sniff-small In aroma we have malt, caramel and crisp fruits.
Noticeable alcohol, especially when handheld ale warms up.
test-drink-small Flavour, as aroma, brings malty-caramel elements, then are fruits.
There are notes of spices. Some sweet of toffee.
Bitterness is moderate. Medium bitter aftertaste, is herbal, slightly tart.
Medium body and medium carbonation.


1698 is a very interesting ale, taking into account its production process – is conditioned in bottles.
Pleasant fruity and caramel aroma and flavour with hints of spicy. After thrice hopped one would expect more robust bitterness, but it is not bad.
Drink it well, it tastes good, what could be better (maybe at most another bottle of 1698).



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