About – it is mean a few words about myself


Hello everyone!

Doctor Ale is my blogger nickname.
My real name and surname… nothing will tell you, Dear Reader.

A few words about yourself, hmm … I was born in Torun, in January. It means in mid-January… Actually, in the second half of January… Exactly on 16th January.
I’ve included it, to paraphrase on the occasion of the monologue from cult Polish film Rejs [A Trip Down the River], in case if You want to wish me Happy Birthday.

From June 2015 I live in England, in Barnsley (South Yorkshire). I work here, and after work I taste beer. Taste – do not imagine anything more.
I came here alone, for the first time in England, around the same stranger people, different habits and customs.
At the beginning so a little shocked, but slowly I started with this tame. I met a colleague who beautifully talked about his fascination with brewing (thanks, Michael). He drank craft beer in Poland and, moreover, he brewed beer in the house. Great…
Only that here going to the supermarket after the daily shopping (because the closest and cheapest), when I stood in front of the shelf I saw the same English ales (well, because what other would be there).

I tasted this and that, all very similar to each other: the same taste, the same smell, the same light (not to say watery). What boredom.
I didn’t give up, holding on to the principle that when you in Rome, do as the Romans do, and I drank this ales … drank constantly… (i.e. I tasted).
All of a sudden … After a month or two I felt something. These ales no longer tasted the same. Nor smelled the same. And not all in the same light. It began doing more interesting.
Started tasting notes, photos, descriptions of beers consumed their own assessment. Well, at this point, was born the idea to create this blog.

This blog is designed to serve as my personal diary. Almost every day in private, in some way touch beer theme: I look over the literature, browse internet to find beer trivia, I read the news, and of course: tasting.
The effects of all this I am trying to post in this blog.

For whom is this blog?
I think that I am writing for beer lovers (regardless of residence) for which drinking beer is not the quantity, but the quality.
For those who got caught a beer bug, for everyone who wish to further explore new beer brands, learn another breweries, read about beer, about how and where it arises.

I greet all the beer geeks.

Doctor Ale