Acer from Bristol Beer Factory, or dill in the beer

Today in the leading role: Sorachi Ace hops, which brewery Bristol Beer Factory seasoned their beer called Acer.


Bristol Beer Factory from Bristol


Brewery Bristol Beer Factory began operating in 2004 with headquarters in south Bristol.
As a place of business has chosen a historic building that is part of a former brewery The Ashton Gate, worked here in the years 1820-1933.

They started as a 10-barrels microbrewery with a few standard cask conditioned ales.
Over time, the plant has expanded. At this moment offer includes over 8 different regular bottled ales (plus a few special editions) and 7 regular cask ales and up to 5 specials throughout the year.
Many of them are winners of awards, medals and titles. After a detailed list I invite you to the website of the brewery.


The beer, which I describe today is called Acer and has won two awards: SIBA South West Cask Standard Bitters 2012 – Silver and Cheltenham Beer Festival 2011 Runner Up to Beer of the Festival.

It is unique because not often meet the beer hopped only by Sorachi Ace.


dill & coconut


This variety comes from Japan and gives to beer an original, very characteristic aroma and flavour. Generally referred to them as citrusy, but it is completely different than cytrusy known eg. from American hops.
Some people that taste of lemon describe as insipid, soapy, others associate it with coconut. Also you can often find opinions that beer hopped by Sorachi Ace tastes like dill.
It all depends on the amount of used hops, brewing stage, in which it is added to the broth, as well as the individual felt drinker.
One thing is sure – this variety of hops is very original and does not leave anyone indifferent.

I am very curious whether Acer from Bristol Beer Factory will fall to my taste.


Name: ACER (Bitter, alc. 3,8% ABV)
Brewery: Bristol Beer Factory (Bristol, England)

Expiration date: 15/09/2016 (bottle conditioned, 500ml)

Acer from Bristol Beer Factory - beer (1)
Acer from Bristol Beer Factory - label
Acer from Bristol Beer Factory - beer (2)

At the bottom of the bottle yeast sediment – the ale is conditioned in the bottle.
The colour of beer is golden-amber.
It is opalescent – floats delicate suspension (I tried not disturb the beer too much).
Foam white, medium height – drops leaving a thin layer.

test-sniff-small The most noticeable is the characteristic aroma of dill.
It might not be something very intense, but so original that it can be immediately sense.
This is, of course, the effect of hop Sorachi Ace.
In addition to dill you can recognize also citruses, malt and floral note (elderberry).
test-drink-small And the taste? Well…
Citrus flavour in the beer – this is normal.
Lower or more powerful cytrusy giving commonly used varieties of hops
– American or of Antipodes.
But Sorachi Ace hops is unique and can be find that out during the tasting the Acer from BBF.
We take the first sip of beer and wait for citruses, and here a surprise – we have a dill.
This is the first impression. Just to be clear – it’s very suit to me.
Next behind the dill can actually tasting a coconut, but when it senses – once again comes dill 🙂
In addition, is the sweetness of malt, are also fruits (apples, currants).
Beer, however, is not sweet, but rather a semi-dry.
We have a citruses, mostly slightly tart grapefruit, which gives quite a light bitterness.
Only finish is more dry and bitter. Can be found in it accents of citrus, resin and clearly peppery (again, the effect of the Sorachi Ace).
Saturation average. Beer gives the feeling of velvety, slightly oily during the drinking.


Acer from Bristol Beer Factory - beer (4)


Acer from Bristol Beer Factory – the beer unusually original due to the use of distinctive variety of hops – Sorachi Ace.
This variety gave to beer aroma and flavour of dill.
Flavour so palpable and original (if not to say – eccentric), that not to everyone can suit. This flavour is not overwhelming, but clear. I like it a lot and drinking this beer gave me a lot of pleasure.
Apart a dill in aroma, we feel the citruses and floral note (elderberry).
In addition, in taste – malt, fruits (currants, apples), coconut and grapefruit. Bitterness rather mild – grapefruit, but the finish is stronger, and in it are notes of resin and pepper.
Very original, unusual, well-balanced and above all tasty beer.
Despite its sessional it is full of aromas, rich in flavours and very hoppy.





Acer from Bristol Beer Factory - beer (3)


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