Acorn Blonde – The Illustrious Pale Ale from Barnsley

Today I return to presentation of beers from Acorn Brewery. In the company shaker will settle Blonde Pale Ale.


In a presentation cycle of bottled beers from Acorn Brewery I described earlier Yorkshire Pride and Barnsley Bitter.
These are great, solid ales – especially the winner of many awards Barnsley Bitter, which also recently joined to its collection another title – Silver Champion in Champion Beer of Britain 2015.

The order of beers to describe I have established myself according to their power – the alcohol content, hence for today’s presentation I chose pale ale aptly named Blonde.
It contains 4.0% ABV and brewery describes it as The Illustrious.


Beer in style blonde ale are light-colored beers, with relatively low alcohol content, hopped by arbitrarily selected varieties so as to effectively achieve light beer, refreshing and well thirst quenching.

To brew his Blonde Acorn uses as a base Maris Otter malt – classical, most popular variety of barley. As a supplement is added Crystal malt, it is caramel malt which is used primarily for colour and subtle sweetness.

To hopping was used three varieties:

  • Challenger (English variety used for bitterness and fruit flavours)
  • Goldings (English hops used for bitterness, also adding spices flavours)
  • Cascade (US variety that gives notes of citrus, grapefruit).


Let’s see how it tastes, this illustrious pale ale from Barnsley.


Name: BLONDE [Pale Ale] (Blonde Ale / Golden Ale, alc. 4% ABV)
Brewery: Acorn Brewery (Wombwell, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England)

Expiration date: 10/2016

Blonde Pale Ale from Acorn Brewery
Blonde Pale Ale from Acorn Brewery - labels


test-look-small Light golden colour, opalescent.
White foam with small and medium-sized bubbles – medium-high, falling rather quickly lacing glass.
test-sniff-small Aroma is mainly hops and citrus.
Next are present notes of other fruits (pineapple, sweet melon).
Slightly malty, a bit of honey.
test-drink-small Flavour is mainly citrusy, further are fruits of the pineapple, pears.
There is a light caramel sweetness, notes of spices and tea.
Bitterness revealed after a while, more as an aftertaste and is grapefruit-spicy.
Carbonation low. Beer is medium-bodied.


Blonde from Acorn Brewery is very drinkable beer, refreshing, with a pleasant aroma and an interesting flavour.
Apart from clearly perceptible citrus notes we have here also yellow fruits (pineapple, melon, pears) and notes of spices.
Bitterness at a moderate level, but the finish is expressive, more intense.
I must admit that used a set of hops gave an interesting effect.

Another good beer from Acorn.


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