Augustiner-Bräu – The Oldest of Munich

The history of Augustiner brewery dates back to the fourteenth century. This is Munich’s oldest brewery and their beers are very popular.


The next few posts, I would like to devote to describe my impressions from tasting beers of the Munich brewery Augustiner.

Today, by way of introduction, a few words about the history of this establishment and a brief presentation of their offer.


The Order of St. Augustine is a religious order formed in 1256.
It was then that a community of hermits that lived according to the Rule of St. Augustine of Hippo have united to form the order.

And that these Augustinians-hermits founded a monastery on the outskirts of Munich and then a brewery. The first mention of it comes from 1328.




The brewery, which strong-bodied beers were highly appreciated, for many years supplied the Bavarian dukes.
Augustinians were among the first members of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences.

Unfortunately, in 1803, as a result of secularisation, the monks had to leave the monastery, which was then abolished.
However, the brewery continued their activities, initially as state enterprise.
In 1817, due to the progressive destruction of buildings, the brewery was moved from the site of the monastery to a new location on the Neuhauser Strasse.

In 1829, the brewery bought Anton and Theresa Wagner, and since then the plant has become a private property.
The company developed, to improve the manufacturing process began to use steam engines.
In 1857, the brewery has acquired additional storage space at Landsberger Strasse, and soon the whole production was moved to this location – at this address facility operates to this day.

When a year later began to manage the brewery Joseph Wagner plant experienced further development.
The resulting new production lines and a restaurant, brewery Augustiner also began to provide Oktoberfest.

Since 1887, the company began to use the trademark, bearing the initials J.W. (Joseph Wagner) and crosier.


Augustiner-Bräu logo

Currently, the brewery is still in private hands. The owners are the Wagner family (51%) and family Inselkammer (49%).

Augustiner beers are very popular brand in Munich, but also in Berlin.
Interestingly, all the time remain faithful to the bottles, which may seem old-fashioned (these are known as euro-bottles, which already uses very little breweries) and their labels have not changed for many years.
Annual production last year amounted to 1.59 million hectoliters of beer.
Two beers from the offer are exported to the United States. These are: Edelstoff and Maximator.


Augustiner Brauerei

By Usien – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


In the offer of brewery we find following beers:


Lagerbier Hell Lagerbier Hell
the most popular lager in helles style
alc. 5,2% ABV
Edelstoff Edelstoff
helles lager
alc. 5,6% ABV
Pils Pils
brewed according to the original Pilsner recipe
alc. 5,6% ABV
Dunkel Dunkel
a malty dark beer
alc. 5,6% ABV
Oktoberfestbier Oktoberfestbier
lager in style Märzen (seasonal, festival)
alc. 6% ABV
Weissbier Weissbier
German Hefeweizen
alc. 5,4% ABV
Maximator Maximator
doppelbock beer
(seasonal, brewed during Lent)

alc. 7,5% ABV
Heller Bock Heller Bock
brewed seasonally in May and June
alc. 7% ABV


It’s now enough about the brewery Augustiner.
I invite you to follow subsequent posts, in which I will describe my impressions from tasting a few beers of this Munich brewery.

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