Augustiner Dunkel – Munich dark beer

Augustiner Dunkel , which I chose for today’s tasting, is another reviewed by me a beer from that Munich brewery.


Munich Dunkel, or Munich Dark Beer – is a style which represents today’s hero on the blog.

It is a dark lager, in which most of the grist (and sometimes the whole) is a Munich malt. It is this malt gives the beer a darker, reddish-amber colour and noticeable malty notes.
As an additive only is used Pilsner malt or caramel malt.

Typical Munich Dunkel smells malt, bread crust, caramel. Similarly flavour is dominated by Munich malt: malty, bread.
Beer should be moderately sweet, may have notes of caramel or chocolate. Hop bitterness should be moderate, as the finish, where can recognize additional malty aftertaste.
Dunkel has no fruity esters and no diacetyl.


In the offer of the brewery Augustiner we find beer in Munich Dunkel style, and that it is the subject of my today’s tasting.

Like all other beers from the offer, also it is produced according to the Reinheitsgebot (Bavarian Purity Law) and is bearing the mark PGI (Protected Geographical Indication).



Name: Dunkel (Dunkel, alc. 5,6% ABV)
Brewery: Augustiner-Bräu (Munich, Germany)

Expiration date: 05/2016 (bottle 500ml)

Dunkel from Augustiner-Brau - beer (1)
Dunkel from Augustiner-Brau - labels
Dunkel from Augustiner-Brau - beer (2)
test-look-small The colour of beer is dark brown with cherry tint.
Foam light beige, medium height
– falls fairly quickly, only its remnants remain on the surface.
test-sniff-small The aroma is clearly malty with a hint of caramel.
There is also toasted bread and chocolate accent.
test-drink-small The taste is malty sweetness with a touch of caramel.
This sweetness is not very intense – is toned, well-balanced.
There is a hint of chocolate.
Clearly perceptible hops flavour.
Bitterness at low level, delicate, barely marking its presence.
In the mouth remains malty aftertaste.
Carbonation average. Bodied at a medium level.


Dunkel from Augustiner-Brau - beer (3)


Augustiner Dunkel is a quite good beer.
Pleasant malty aroma with a hint of caramel.
The taste of malt sweetness, dimmed by caramel and chocolate, is well balanced – sweetness is not dominant, it is toned down. Perceptible hops, bitterness is very mild.
Tasty beer, but does not provide a great emotions – a typical Munich Dunkel.




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