Augustiner Weissbier – classic hefeweizen

Today I invite you to the last post in the mini-series devoted to beers from the brewery Augustiner. At the end I left a Hefeweizen named Augustiner Weissbier.


Several previous entries I devoted to the approximation of Munich’s oldest brewery, which is Augustiner.
I wrote about the history of the brewery and I shared experiences from tasting some of their products.

Today, the last of the beers, that I bought some time ago. This beer is Hefeweizen named Augustiner Weissbier.
I promise myself after it the most experience, because I really like this style, or rather, I am not a lover of Helles, although I admit that their pilsner named Pils I will remembered very warmly.

About weizens I have already written more than once, even on the occasion of tasting Franziskaner, or Erdinger, so without further ado I turn straight to the point.



Name: AUGUSTINER WEISSBIER (Hefeweizen, alc. 5,4% ABV)
Brewery: Augustiner-Bräu (Munich, Germany)

Expiration date: 06/2016 (bottle conditioned 500ml)

Weissbier from Augustiner-Brau - beer (1)
Weissbier from Augustiner-Brau - labels
Weissbier from Augustiner-Brau - beer (2)
test-look-small Amber colour with an orange tinge.
Foam white, initially quite high.
Quickly appear larger bubbles and foam descends, leaving only the surface remnants.
When pouring the beer is initially clear
– After adding the last portion of the bottle, together with yeast sediment, beer becomes cloudy, of course.
Visible quite high saturation.
test-sniff-small The aroma of typical Hefeweizen.
Clear bananas and cloves – bananas I felt at the moment of opening the bottle.
In the background is a hint of citrus, orange.
It is a little vanilla, a little chalky aroma.
test-drink-small The relatively delicate malty sweetness – wheat with yeast accent.
It is seasoned with a pinch of cloves.
There are bananas, but somewhere deep inside – they mix with a hint of vanilla.
There is also light acidity.
Beer is a sweet and dry, but bitterness is minimal, slightly herbal.
It is more pronounced only at the finish, but it shows up only for a moment and soon disappears.
Then remains malty-cloves aftertaste.


Weissbier from Augustiner-Brau - beer (4)


Augustiner Weissbier is a typical and tasty hefeweizen.
There are all typical features of this style.
There are cloves and bananas. There is wheat sweetness with yeast accent. There is also a delicate citrusy acidity and a touch of vanilla. Almost no bitterness, only in the finish shows for a moment leaving the malty-clove remembrance.
Generally, this is a very laid hefeweizen, the flavours are subdued and harmonized.
For lovers of German weizen – an obligatory position.





For this post, I am finishing for now a series of reviews of beers from the brewery Augustiner. For now – because I would like in future return to tasting a certain liquor from that brewery. I am thinking of their prized doppelbock Maximator. When I can buy this beer, for sure immediately I show it here.
For now another picture of today Weissbier and see you in the next post.



Weissbier from Augustiner-Brau - beer (3)


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