Beer online [2] – IBC Root, Birra Moretti, Bergenbier

In the second part of the cyclethree funny beer ads: IBC Root, Birra Moretti, Bergenbier.


The weekend is over. I therefore propose for solace three short beer commercials. I guarantee a moment of fun.

The first found video on the internet is ad of American beer: IBC Root Beer.
IBC, i.e. Independent Breweries Company is a brewery founded in St. Louis (Missouri) in 1919. Root beer found a market as a legal beverage during the era of Prohibition in USA.
In its production has traditionally used an extract from the root or bark of a tree Sasafras, or the vine Smilax ornata (sarsaparilla) as the primary flavour. Root beer may be alcoholic or non-alcoholic.
The brewery ceased to exist, but the beer was saved and is now in possession of Dr Pepper/Seven Up/Cadbury.

Let’s see how may result in overdose favourite drink.



The second film is a beer commercial of Bergenbier.
It is a brand of beer produced in Romania by the Belgian company Interbrew (one of the largest producers of beer in the world).
Distributor apart from Bergenbier has such brands as Staropramen, Stella Artois, Beck, Lowenbrau and Belgian Leffe i Hoegaarden.
Bergenbier is the official sponsor of national football team of Romania.

In this film, it seems that beer lover wakes up in a much nicer conditions than its predecessor. But perhaps only apparently



And as the third beer commercial of Birra Moretti Zero.
Birra Moretti is a Italian brand comes from the brewery founded in 1859 in Udine. Moretti is now a brand of Heineken.

Zero in the name of beer would indicate a lack of alcohol in it. It seems, however, that its excess can have a similar effect as the standard version.



I hope I have put you least for a moment a good feeling.
Greetings and invite to the next post

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