Beer online [1]


Beer online 

Today I begin a new section on the blog: Beer online.


Surfing the internet I often come across a variety beer discoveries (the same probably like most beer lovers). There are all sorts of information, curiosities, photos, videos sometimes not quite serious.

I thought that I can sometimes throw something on the blog to draw attention to a little known fact about beer, or more widely about brewing, read about some sensation or scandal in this industry or just laugh with some beer jokes.

If any of you would like to drop something to be published, it is of course I invite you.

Today, two short videos.
  • The first is quite old commercial for Tuborg, known as: One more Tuborg please! In his time he was banned in several countries, including in Denmark, from where exactly this beer comes.



  • The second film, it’s pretty fresh advertisement of German online store that offers a nice selection of beers from independent breweries.
    Their slogan is: If you‘ve never tasted Craft Beer – you’ve never tasted beer!
    This ad is in my opinion a sensational! With a smile I viewed it and I looked into the shop offers so it brings intended effect.


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