Blond Witch – blondie from Moorhouse’s

Carrying on Halloween walks through English breweries, today I look to Lancashire.
From there comes a seductive blonde girl. Except that it is a witch: Blond Witch blondie from Moorhouse’s


Moorhose's Brewery in Burnley, Lancashire


The beginnings of Moorhouse’s Brewery dates back to 1865, when William Moorhouse founded in Burnley (county Lancashire, UK) mineral water bottling plant.
When the deal was taken over by the sons of the founder (in the early twentieth century) also began to produce lowalcohol hop bitters that exported to the USA and the Middle East. The fact that the beer contained less than 2% alcohol allowed on their distribution to the Muslim countries where the sale of alcohol is prohibited.

In the 1930’s brewery he resigned from the production of mineral water and concentrated only on hop bitters.

In 1978 the brewery was sold and the new owner began to produce caskales.
In subsequent years, the brewery passed from hand to hand, but not hitting a good investor

In this period were produced Pendle Witches Brew beer, which enjoyed a local popularity. In 1988, that beer tasted a businessman from Manchester William Parkinson. He learned that it comes from his home town Burnley and the fact that the brewery is in trouble.
The effect of this was that Parkinson had bought the brewery and six pubs investing £500,000 in new equipment and distribution depot.

Since that time, beers from Moorhouse‘s Brewery won many awards, medals and champion titles.

Both the graphically, as in the names of drinks Moorhouse’s Brewery refers to the period of witch-hunting, specifically the so-called The Pendle Witches. A little more I’ll try to write about it discussing another beer from Burnley. Now, mention only that it is about events of 1612 when a group of women from Lancashire was accused of being witches.

In the near future I will present another beers from bottled offer of the brewery. Today, on the first fire will go the blonde witch.


Name: Blond Witch (Golden Ale / Blond Ale, alc. 4,5% vol.)
Brewery: Moorhouse’s Brewery Ltd. (Burnley, Lancashire, England)

Blond Witch beer
Blond Witch labels


test-look-small Light golden colour, straw.
Head small, white, rapidly perforates
test-sniff-small The smell: malt, hops, caramel, biscuit.
test-drink-small The taste of beer, malt plus citrus notes.
Bitterness quite distinctive, decidedly bitter aftertaste


Blond Witch is refreshing beer, which, while pleasant to drink, but the flavor is not surprising nothing special. One can even say that it is quite poor  citrus notes broken through the hoppy bitterness is not enough to leave very good memories.
Despite this, I believe that more beverages from Moorhouse’s Brewery positively surprise me.



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