Bombardier Glorious English

Today in the glassBombardier Glorious English from Charles Wells Brewery.
So we head to the battlefield

Charles Wells Brewery in Bedford

The origins of the brewery dates back to 1876 when Captain Charles Wells , after twenty years at sea, bought at auction a coal depot, brewery, malt house and 32 pubs.
He subsequently sold off the coal business, while effectively cared about the development of the brewery. By 1910, eight times increased the production of its beer.

The next generations took care of the company’s development and today Charles Wells is the largest private brewery in the UK and the owner of more than 200 pubs.

For a century, in 1976, the brewery moved to an entirely new property but remained still in his hometown of Bedford (Bedfordshire).

In 2006, the brewery announced fusion with Young & Co‘s and the rise of the company Wells & Young‘s Brewing Co. Ltd. Initially, Charles Wells had a majority, but in 2011 bought all the shares in the company and returned to the historical nameCharles Wells.

The brewery until recently had in regular offer three beers named Bombardier:

  • Wells Bombardier English Premium Beer – 5,2% alc.
  • Wells Bombardier Burning Gold – 4,7% alc.
  • Wells Bombardier Satanic Mills – 5,0% alc.


In March this year the brewery announced Bombardier offer refreshment and the launch in April a two new brands.
And so it happened.
In this way, we are now

  • Bombardier Glorious English (4,1% alc. in casks; 4,7% alc. in bottles; 4,3% alc. in cans)
  • Bombardier Burning Gold (4,1% alc. in casks; 4,7% alc. in bottles)

Both variants in the new graphic design.

Bombardier new designs

As befits a representative brand advertising campaign includes: website Bombardier, fanpage on Facebook, bus advertising visiting beer festivals and sports events, gadgets, etc.
Advertising face of this beer is Bob Mortimer English comedian and actor, whom we see in the advertising of Bombardier.



Having already appetite for this beer, now proceed for testing.

The bottle – shaped characteristic to the beers from the brewery Charles Wells, pressing with the motif of hops and the inscription: Independent Family Brewer.
According to the order on the label: Chaaarge your glasses! so I fill my glass.

Bombardiers from Charles Wells

Bombardier labels and cups

Name: Bombardier Glorious English, alc. 4,7% vol.
Brewery: Charles Wells Brewery, Bedford, Bedfordshire, England

Beer in Golden Ale style, expiration date 31/03/2016.


test-look-small Copper color, dark-amber.
Head light-beige, rather petite, pretty high; drops leaving the layer on the surface
test-sniff-small The smell is clearly malty with a hint of fruit (raisins).
test-drink-small The taste of malt and dried fruit, resembling a bun with raisins. Slightly sweetish.
Rather mildly bitter finish.
moderately saturated

Beer gives the impression of bodied. It is strongly malty. A small bitterness highlights the sweetness of bread notes.
Bombardier after the battle, fight or at least after a walk can taste drink it with pleasure


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