Brick Lane Lager – It can not be lager!

Today – unusual beer. It will be a lager. Lager in Pilsner style. Amazing beer called Brick Lane Lager from Redchurch Brewery.


About London Redchurch Brewery I have written on the blog on the occasion of review their beer Tartelette.
It was great beer in the style of berliner weisse, from “wild series” of that brewery.

Redchurch has in their offer a series called “Specials”, which grouped limited beers, seasonal or one-off brews.
From this special offer comes today Brick Lane Lager.

This beer, referring to the Pilsener, is a combination of British malt, American hops and lager yeast so as to get an expressive, refreshing lager.

Brick Lane Lager is beer brewed occasionally. Can say that the bottle, which for a moment I will open comes from limited edition.

I recently had the opportunity to try traditional Bavarian beers from the brewery Augustiner (I invite you to the earlier posts).
All the more so I’m curious how tastes proposal of craft brewery from London, known for uncompromising approach to brewing, combining tradition with modernity.



Name: BRICK LANE LAGER (Pilsener, alc. 5% ABV)
Brewery: Redchurch Brewery (London, England)

Expiration date: 14/01/2017 (bottle 330ml)

Brick Lane Lager from Redchurch Brewery - beer (1)
Brick Lane Lager from Redchurch Brewery - label
Brick Lane Lager from Redchurch Brewery - beer (2)
test-look-small Gold colour, amber with an orange tinge.
The beer is cloudy, unfiltered.
Foam is white, medium height, falls quite rapidly to a low layer.
test-sniff-small The first thought after smelling: “This is a lager?”
Very intense, multicoloured hoppy aroma, in which we find:
citruses (grapefruit, orange), notes of tropical (lychee), resinous accent.
test-drink-small First impression: oh, so incredibly hopped!
Malty sweetness with lots of hop flavours.
There are citruses (initially sweet – mandarin), there are tropical fruits (sweet lychee).
Behind them flit lightly sour gooseberries, can clearly feel the resinous pine.
Well, now, that there was no such idyll, comes intense, expressive in taste bitterness.
in which we have citruses, but this time bitter, dry (from grapefruits with seeds).
There is also a herbal accent in it and a clear resin, pine needles.
The finish is bitter, dry, slightly astringent and slightly tart.
Saturation medium towards high.
The beer is very refreshing.


Brick Lane Lager from Redchurch Brewery - beer (3)


Brick Lane Lager

I already miss the next bottle of this… lager (? – it can not be lager).

The divine aroma – very intense, at which I wonder how come so green cones can hide so much different scents.
And the flavour? No, I can not stand!
So sweet fruits: mandarin, lychee, gooseberries and full of others – everyone will sense their own tastes, combined with the malty sweetness. A little acidity, slightly pine and… bam! The Bitter come.
Bitterness is not caresses – pushes us into the mouth a grapefruit with skin and seeds. And in addition whatever was at hand – some bitter herbs, some resinous pine needles. It remains after that bitter taste, astringent, tart, but not too much – no, don’t be angry, it’s just a game – it seems to be saying.
After a moment, like a child, we want to repeat it again – it pleased.

It’s the best lager, which until now I was drinking (does not matter that not entirely compatible with just any style).
Well, but after all… it can not be lager 🙂





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