Burton Bitter – Heritage of John Marston

The next meeting with the beer from Marston’s brewery. This time I taste their Burton Bitter.


In the previous post I tried EPA – English Pale Ale from the Marston’s brewery.
Today, in front of me is standing Burton Bitter, proudly flashing gilded label.

Marston’s brewery was founded in 1834 and one of the first beers, created personally by John Marston, it was just Burton Bitter.

Using the highest quality ingredients (barley, yeast and hops) and extraordinary water was made a unique ale.
To this day, the brewery uses its own water intakes.
Rain is filtered through the layers of gypsum, collects deep underground, providing a source of water with unusual properties. Rich in sulphates has always decided about unique aroma, flavour and distinctive bitterness of beers from Burton-upon-Trent. To such an extent that many breweries have tried to reproduce that flavour adding gypsum to the mash tuns.


With great interest I take now to taste the original, by nearly two-centuries-old tradition, Burton Bitter from the brewery Marston’s.


Name: BURTON BITTER (Bitter, alc. 3,8% ABV)
Brewery: Marston’s Plc (Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire, England)

Expiration date: 31/05/2016 (bottle 500ml)

Marston's Burton Bitter - beer (1)
Marston's Burton Bitter - labels
Marston's Burton Bitter - beer (3)
test-look-small Amber-copper colour.
Foam white, medium height, quickly falling – leaving only its remnants.
test-sniff-small The aroma of malt, caramel, a little honey.
There is also a touch of fruits and mineral note.
test-drink-small Delicate taste. It has the sweetness of malt, a little caramel, biscuit.
There is a little bit of fruits (plums). Slight accent of hops.
Bitterness at low level, poorly palpable (can it detect a note of roasted malt).
Finish very fleeting, in the form of a light tartness, which immediately disappears.
Bodied at a low level – the beer is watery.
Average saturation.


Marston's Burton Bitter - beer (2)


Marston’s Burton Bitter is very delicate in taste beer.
It smells of malt with a hint of honey and fruits.
In taste is light sweetness from the malt, for that a little bit of fruits and a hint of hops. And that’s basically everything, because bitterness is barely felt (with a touch of roasted malt), and there is almost no finish.
Beer typical session, but one-dimensional to tell the truth I was expecting a bit more experience.




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