Citra Odyssey – my Scottish debut

I invite you to tasting unusual beer from unusual brewery. Microbrewery from Scotland called Fallen Brewing and their beer, promising an exceptional experiences – Citra Odyssey.


Fallen Brewing Co. from Kippen, Stirlingshire


So strangely it happened that I have not yet had a chance to taste any beer from Scotland. I’ll have to soon make up for this oversight.
In any case, today – the first beer from the Scottish microbrewery: Fallen Brewing.

The brewery is beautifully situated near the city Stirling, surrounded by hills Gargunnock and Fintry Hills, overlooking the south-west Highlands.


View from Kippen



Fallen Brewing is a micro brewery founded by Paul Fallen, who for years took on experience as a homebrewer.

In 2012, as a contract brewery, brewed his first beer on a bigger scale. It was a smoked porter Blackhouse and was developed in collaboration with the brewery Traditional Scottish Ales from Throsk near Stirling.
Since 2014 Fallen Brewing has own brewery, where are created unusual, modern interpretations of classic beer styles.


Blackhouse from Fallen Brewing



Modern and also ecologically operates the plant of Paul Fallen.
The electricity comes from renewable energy sources, waste malt goes for cattle feed and waste hops are composted for use in garden.

Beer, which came to me it’s Citra Odyssey, described as a session blonde ale.
In permanent offer of the brewery is a beer called Odyssey and it is the blonde with the same alcohol content of 4.1% abv, but hopped by Saaz hops.
Citra Odyssey version is seasonal ale, as the name suggests: in the main role there is a variety of hops – Citra, I admit that one of my favorite.

So it’s time to double tasting debut – my first beer from Fallen Brewing and the first Scottish beer described here, on the blog.



Name: CITRA ODYSSEY (Golden Ale, alc. 4,1% ABV)
Brewery: Fallen Brewing Co. (Kippen, Stirlingshire, Scotland)

Expiration date: 08/2016 (bottle 500ml)

Citra Odyssey from Fallen Brewing - beer (1)
Citra Odyssey from Fallen Brewing - label
Citra Odyssey from Fallen Brewing - beer (2)
test-look-small Golden colour.
The beer is naturally cloudy, unfiltered.
Foam is white, high, fine-bubbles, slowly perforates and shreds
– falls forming lacing.
test-sniff-small In the aroma – very crisp grapefruit, but also tropical fruits (mango, passion fruit).
There is also resinous note and floral accent.
test-drink-small The beer is dry in flavour.
Hops has done a remarkable job creating gorgeous bouquet of flavours, which consists of:
citruses – mostly grapefruits, but also oranges and a hint of limes;
are also tropical fruits (aromatic passion fruit).
There is a clear resinous note, which goes hand in hand with a pine aroma.
Bitterness beautifully melts in the mouth – is a citrusy, slightly tart (grapefruit with peel and seeds),
but it is not overwhelming, on the contrary – perfectly balanced.
Similarly finish – the same touches of grapefruit plus resinous accent.
Main finish is quite short, there remains a slight aftertaste – wonderfully refreshing.
Bodied medium. Saturation medium to high.


Citra Odyssey from Fallen Brewing – here is an example that session beer can bring to knees.
Fabulous aroma citrus-floral with a hint of pine.
Flavour – filled to the brim with fruits: grapefruits, oranges, lime, passion fruit, mango. Everything is seasoned with a resinous hint of hops. Bitterness and finish citrusy-dry.
Everything is perfectly harmonized with each other and arranged.
For a long time I remembered the taste of this excellent beer and sadly looked at the empty bottle.



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