Citra, or pioneers from Oakham Ales

Hero of today’s review is Citra – famous, firmly hopped APA from Peterborough.


Oakham Ales Brewery & map


Oakham Ales is a brewery that started its operations in 1993 in Oakham (hence its name of course). In 1998 they moved to Peterborough (Cambridgeshire), where installed in the old Job Centre. Over time, they turned it into the biggest brewpub in Europe.

In 2006 the brewery opened a new large plant, which hosts a vast majority of production of Oakham Ales.
Brewpub in the old headquarters, called The Brewery Tap, took over the role of the management unit. Still brewed beer there, but they are rather special or one-off brews, not part of the main offer. After the reorganisation this place called Brewhouse.

I recommend to visit the website of the brewery and see what great progress they have made in a relatively short period of time.

This was the beginning in Oakham – photos from 1996 (source images

Oakham Ales in Oakham 1996


And now it looks modern brewhouse – a plant in Peterborough opened in 2006.


Oakham Ales Brewery, Maxwell Road, Peterborough


But Brewhouse in Westgate, Peterborough, former residence of the Job Centre currently looks like some kind of cosmic laboratory.


Oakham Ales Brewhouse in Westgate, Peterborough


This comparison of the historical origins of the brewery with the current big plant, I present also so as to show how looks the development of many British crafts, or otherwise – new wave, breweries. A large part of these relatively young projects went through a similar path of development.
And all this, of course, for the benefit of the final recipient, which is a consumer of beer.


Oakham Ales is a team that likes futuristic climates. Looking at the layout of their website can not shake the feeling that we got into some space station. Quite coolest looks decor of their headquarters, and even similar associations we have even glancing at their company logo.
Below I present pump clip for beer Citra, version cask-ale – admittedly original, isn’t it?


Oakham Ales Citra pump clip


I think it’s finally time to go to review of today’s beer – Citra awaits.
Bottled version contains 4.6% abv and it is single hop ale, which means that in brewing process uses only one hop variety. In this case it is obviously Citra hops. The brewery says that they were the first in the UK began to use Citra hops.

Beer has won awards of SIBA 2012 (Gold and Silver medals) and Gold in International Beer Challenge 2011.

I must admit that I really like beers hopped by Citra, so I do not hesitate any longer and start my tasting.


Name: CITRA (American Pale Ale, 4,6% ABV)
Brewery: Oakham Ales (Peterborough, Cambridgdeshire, England)

Expiration date: 31/07/2016

Citra from Oakham Ales
Citra from Oakham Ales - labels & cap


test-look-small Light golden colour
White head, not high, with varied texture. Falls quite quickly, its remains are floating till the end.
test-sniff-small Hop aroma, citrusy.

Flavour is dominated by citruses, especially grapefruit
In addition, is the flavour of lychee and gooseberry.
In the background a bit of sweetness of lychee, mandarin, but it’s just a note. Beer has a dry character.
Bitterness is typically grapefruit (bitter of citrus zest and seeds).
The finish is crisp bitter, but quite short, not lingering.
Carbonation is medium.


Citra is a beer with a definitely homogeneous in nature, as this was to be expected.
Use for hopping only this one hops, and so characteristic, immediately imposes a clear profile of beer.
The aroma and flavour are clearly citrusy (but there is also a taste of lychee and gooseberry), bitterness quite strong also citrusy and is very nice. The result is a very refreshing beer with a characteristic taste, but not everyone can like it. I realize that for many consumers this ale may be bored.
My assessment therefore is absolutely subjective. This beer is either loved or disliked. I love it.



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