Doctor Ale in the pub [1]

Today, the inauguration of a new cycle: Doctor Ale in the pub.


I created a blog to present my own opinions about the beers that can be purchased in the store, which is easily accessible.
Of course it will be
After some time, I’m going to take care of the beers that are a little harder available, for example: can be ordered in online stores. There are plenty of beverages and they are very interesting, because they come from small breweries, typically craft, that brew their beers is not afraid to experiment.

But there is a whole group of beers that are available only in casks or seasonal beers available only in pubs or at festivals.
What about them
Of course,, all the beers is not possible to try, but I am sorry that on the occasion of a visit to a pub many beers remains only in my memory, as a memory of taste.
I decided this my tastings outside home also somehow document.

The first attempts I made already, by publishing two posts:

  1. Old No.7 – Pub of the Year from Barnsley
  2. Old No.7 October Beer Festival

From today, I hope that I post regularly, a brief description with a photo and my opinion about consumed beer.
I immediately ask for forgiveness of quality published in this series pictures. Are mostly taken by phone, often there are not good conditions, because crowd, because the queue waiting, and even hand can sometimes tremble, and there is no time for the second shot.

Must also remember that a pub or a beer festival, do not provide a sterile environment for tasting sessions which we have in the comfort of home.
Rating from such places is even more subjective than bottled beers drunk at home. Besides it is usually not as accurate – frequently environment do not favor too analytical evaluation of beer.
However, as they say: Beer in the pub different tastes (meaning: better), often those beers you can not buy in the store, otherwise tend to be a short season series released by the brewery only in casks or kegs. Beers lover can not therefore omit these beers.

Today, three beers drunk in the pub Old No.7.



Name: Minstrel IPA, alc. 5,0% vol. (IPA)
Brewery: Acorn Brewery (Wombwell, Barnsley, South Yorkshire)

Minstrel IPA from Acorn Brewery

This seasonal beer from Acorn with a beautiful golden color and white head.
Head maybe not high, but relatively stable and additionally lacing glass.
The smell very pleasant, citrusy
The taste is also dominated by citrus, moreover fruits, notes of malt and hops.
Moderate, but clear bitterness.
Drunk with pleasure

pump rating-4m


Name: Dancing Bear, alc. 4,5% vol. (Pilsener)
Brewery: Magic Rock (Huddersfield, West Yorkshire)

Dancing Bear from Magic Rock Brewery

Please note: this is lager from the collection of Magic Rock. Style: Pilsner.
In permanent offer Magic Rock has this beer 6,2% abv, here somewhat weaker version – 4,5% abv.
Pale, golden colour, white and quite lasting head.
The smell rather anemic, a little malty, slightly hoppy
However, the taste surprises very positively: mild malt, notes of citrus, fruits, flowers.
Very interesting and original lager

pump ocena-4m



Name: Voodoo Mild, alc. 4,3% vol. (Mild Ale)
Brewery: Great Heck (Great Heck, North Yorkshire)

Voodoo Mild from Great Heck
Beer in an interesting style mild.
It seems black and impenetrable, only under the light you can see the brown clearances.
Head beige, fine bubbles, creamy.
The smell of malt, smoky
The taste of chocolate, roasted malt, coffee.
Very crisp taste of smoked
Voodoo Mild from Great Heck

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