Doctor Ale in the pub [2] – Acorn, Kwak, Magic Rock, Ossett

Last weekend again I managed to taste in a pub a few interesting beers.
Here’s another mini-report – Doctor Ale in the pub

On Sunday morning, with my friends, we went to Sheffield, where we gave our votes in the Polish general elections.
After fulfilling a civic duty we walked to a small pub on the main street. Often in such small establishments, you can enjoy interesting beer. I think so also was this time.

The Beer House in Sheffield (Ecclesall Road)

In view of fact that time was quite early, I decided to order just one pint. My choice fell on stout named Ebony.

Interesting fact is that produces it hotel brewery, which was established in 2012.
The brewery is named Woodstreet Brewery and the hotel in which it is located: The Hillsborough Hotel in Sheffield.
Not only that, the brewer is a woman Alison Newbold. After five months of production of beer for the needs of the hotel, brewery decided to distribute its products in the local pubs.
Well, thanks to I found their beer quite by accident in this small pub.
Briefly about my impressions.


Name: EBONY (stout, alc. 5% vol.)
Brewery: Woodstreet Brewery (Sheffield, England)

Ebony Stout from Woodstreet Brewery (Sheffield)

Very dark stout with a white creamy foam. Under light beer shining brown colour.
Clearly aromas of coffee.
The taste of coffee, chocolate, roasted malt, fruity notes.
The feeling rather rich, moderate bitterness.
I drank with pleasure

Voodoo Mild from Great Heck


Another beers I tasted already in Barnsley, in the pub Old No. 7.

From the brewery Acorn I tried their another seasonal beer Secret Affair.
After I had occasions to drink: Minstrel IPA, Endavour IPA and Pretty Green I have to admit that seasonal beers from Acorn are really great.


Name: SECRET AFFAIR (Pale Ale, 4,5% ABV)
Brewery: Acorn Brewery (Wombwell, Barnsley, South Yorkshire)

Secret Affair from Acorn Brewery
Light golden colour.
White, pretty stable head with small bubbles (with lacing).
Aromas clearly citrusy and fruity.
Distinct, quite strong bitterness
Voodoo Mild from Great Heck


From Magic Rock Brewery I drank lately interesting lager Dancing Bear, and before golden ale Carnival and stout Dark Arts Red Wine Barrel.
This time I asked for red amber ale – Rapture (defined by brewery as Red Hop Ale).
They used in its production 5 types of malts and 6 varieties of hops.


Name: RAPTURE (Amber Ale, 4,6% ABV)
Brewery: Magic Rock (Huddersfield, West Yorkshire)

Rapture from Magic Rock Brewery
A deep amber colour, with a red tint.
Head small but relatively stable.
Aroma is refreshing: hops, citrus
The malt flavor combined with citrus, tropical fruits, flowers.
It is dry with clear bitterness.
Another good beer from Magic Rock
Voodoo Mild from Great Heck


At the end of this evening we opted for the famous Belgian specialty from Brouwerij Bosteels – famous beer Kwak (or more precisely Pauwel Kwak).

About this beer and tradition of drinking it certainly I will write once more, because I think I’ll drink it yet again.
Now just let me mention that the first time I have experienced, in my favorite pub, disappointment

In Old No.7 they have on offer interesting beers in bottles, just including Kwak, which is beautifully exposed along with two glasses to drink this beer. Kwak indeed traditionally is drunk in special flasks:

Pauwel Kwak beer

Well, unfortunately, pub staff refused to give us a Kwak in this beautiful glass, which caused us huge disappointment.

Beer went into tall glasses completely incompatible with this legendary beverage simply profanation!

But it is no matter now, the main thing that I had a chance to try it.


Name: PAUWEL KWAK (Belgian Strong Ale, alc. 8,4% vol.)
Brewery: Bosteels Brewery (Brouwerij Bosteels) (Buggenhout, Belgium)

Pauwel Kwak from Brouwerij Bosteels

Beautiful dark amber colour.
White fine-bubbles head. Carbonation quite large.
The aroma of fruits and cloves
The taste also clearly cloves, spicy notes, malt, caramel, fruits.
The beer is strong, slightly syrupy, not too sweet
Bitterness is clear, medium.
Definitely successful conclusion of this evening

pump ocena-5m


However, for me the weekend has not yet ended and the next day we came up with friends for another beer.

I chose Excelsior from Ossett Brewery (Yorkshire).



Name: EXCELSIOR (Premium Bitter / English Strong Bitter, alc. 5,2% vol.)
Brewery: Ossett (West Yorkshire, England)

Excelsior from Ossett Brewery
Picture of beer I made just after its pouring, so the impression of cloudy in fact, this ale is clear.
Golden colour with a white creamy head.
Hop aroma and citrus
The taste of sweet malt, citrus, fruits and floral notes.
Clear hoppy bitterness.
Very tasty and refreshing
Voodoo Mild from Great Heck


And what we did with the rest of this evening?
Well, we went to the cinema



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