Doctor Ale in the Pub [3] – Halloween

Oh, it has happened on Saturday night. Witches, vampires, ghosts and beer. A real stunning mixture.


Saturday evening was devoted to Halloween. Well because, how else.
We sat at a table at our favorite pub and admired the inventiveness of celebrating Halloween – a cross-section form from various myths, legends, fairy tales, movies and what else.


Halloween w Old No.7 (1)

By the way, of course, we tasted a few beers.

The first was Carafa Jade – beer from Dark Star Brewery, located on Southern England (Patridge Green, West Sussex).
The beginnings of the brewery dates back to 1994, started in the cellar of a pub in Brighton. Business quickly developed to such an extent that at the moment can be proud of truly impressive list of awards and titles. See for yourselves: list is impressive.
The name of beer Carafa Jade comes from used to its brewing German Carafa malt, which gives a brown color and the New Zealand Pacific Jade hops.


Name: CARAFA JADE (Amber Ale / Red Ale, alc. 5,0% vol.)
Brewery: Dark Star (Patridge Green, West Sussex, England)

Carafa Jade from Dark Star

Pure deep colour, amber-brown.
Foam is creamy, rather stable
The smell and taste have clear notes of malt, caramel, fruits and flowers.
Expressive bitterness.
Beer is extremely tasty

pump ocena-4_5m


It started coming around more and more bizarre characters.
Sometimes we felt a little uncomfortable, sometimes we laughed


Halloween w Old No.7 (2)


The second described beer comes from Wall’s Brewery, and is called Uncle Sam’s Black IPA.
  This is a relatively young brewery, founded in 2011, is located in Northallerton (North Yorkshire).


Name: UNCLE SAM’S BLACK IPA (American Dark Ale, alc. 4,8% vol.)
Brewery: Wall’s Brewery (Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England)

Uncle Sam's Black IPA from Well's Brewery
Brown in color, almost black.
Creamy head is high, durable.
Bitterness average intense.
Aroma – coffee, malt
The taste of coffee, cocoa in this regard is very much like stout.
Beer was a little buttery flavor: higher levels of diacetyl a defect too young beer
pump ocena-3_5m


With every minute into the pub began to pack more and more creatures not of this world.


Halloween w Old No.7 (3)


I asked for a beer that name very fit for this eveningWitch Craft.
It comes from Wickwar Brewing Company, which is located in the south-west of England – Wickwar. Founded in 1990 as a microbrewery over the years expanded its business significantly.


Name: WITCH CRAFT (Premium Ale, alc. 4,6% vol.)
Brewery: Wickwar Wessex Brewing Company Limited (Wickwar, South Gloucestershire, England)

Witch Craft from Wickwar Wessex Brewing Company

Ruby colour deep and clean.
Head falling with lacing.
The aroma and taste are mainly malt and fruits
In this beer is a little sweetness, a little orange, a little alcohol.
All in all very original, well drink it

pump ocena-4m

At that time the pub was experiencing a real storm of strange individuals.


Halloween w Old No.7 (4)


And in the end even I had a taste of beer with a very twisted name: Marshmallow Meltdown Stout.
The beer made in Abbeydale Brewery from Sheffield, which is the relatively young (founded in 1996). For its production is added to the marshmallow syrup – I was curious about its taste.


Name: Marshmallow Meltdown Stout (Stout, alc. 7,0% vol.)
Brewery: Abbeydale Brewery (Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England)

Marshmallow Meltdown Stout from Abbeydale Brewery
Colour of beer chestnutbrown, very deep.
Head creamy, fairly stable
Aroma and taste are mainly coffee and fruits, taste slightly vinous..
The finish is definitely coffee. A little watery
I was expecting more sweetness here, but beer is a definitely dry.
Marshmallow Meltdown Stout from Abbeydale Brewery

That was this my Halloween evening spent in the pub Old No.7 in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England 😀


Halloween w Old No.7 (5)


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