Double Stout – oak strong

Today our hero is the Double Stout from the Shepherd Neame.
But why oak? For sure it strong? Let me explain.


I chose for today another beer from “Classic Collection” of Shepherd Neame Brewery.
The collection includes ales presenting known beer styles and brewed according to old historical recipes from the archives of the brewery.

I’ve presented from this series previously Brilliant Ale i India Pale Ale. Now came the turn of Double Stout.

“Oak Strong” is obviously playful reference to known Polish beer (“Dębowe mocne” from Tychy) that with stout does not have just nothing in common (this is pale lager 7% abv).

Ale that stands in front of me has 5.2% ABV – can you call it strong? Well, I’m used to that the English ales which have more than 5% ABV are classified as strong, but what this stout has to do with oak?

It just so happens that the Shepherd Neame Brewery, besides modern steel vessels, also has a traditional old oak mash tunes having 100 years – and these are not exhibits from museum! In these oak vats is still brewed beer, for example Spitfire, and also Double Stout (versions cask-ales).
The brewery has two such mash tuns and is very proud of them, for they are the last remaining wooden mash tunes in the UK.

To see them and touch them, you can of course go to Faversham.
There is also a faster way – a film walk together with well-known blogger Simon Martin (after clicking on the photo below will be start YT walk through the Shepherd Neame).


Oak mash tuns in Shepherd Neame Brewery


Today, I taste the bottled version of this stout specialty, which unfortunately does not arise in this historic vessels, but I hope that, like the previous two beers from the “Classic Collection” and this will leave a pleasant memory.
As soon as I shall see.

Is worth noting beautiful, stylish labels of ales from this collection. All are decorated in vintage style, referring to the old historical stickers.


Name: DOUBLE STOUT (Stout, 5,2% ABV)
Brewery: Shepherd Neame Ltd. (Faversham, Kent, England)

Expiration date: 06/2016

Double Stout from Shepherd Neame Brewery
Double Stout from Shepherd Neame Brewery - labels & cap


test-look-small Colour black, almost impenetrable – sometimes only under the light flashes ruby.
Beige, quite high foam, slowly falling.
test-sniff-small Aroma: roasted malt, notes of smoke, something like coffee / cocoa.
Aroma is sweetish – you can feel the fruits (plums).
test-drink-small Flavour: malt, hops, coffee and chocolate.
Noticeable smoked notes and dried fruit (smoked plums).
It is lightly sour. Perceptible sweetness of caramel.
Bitterness at first perception rather not very much
but as aftertaste already clearly perceptible.
Carbonation average. Moderately full-bodied in the perception and rather dry.


I admit that the Double Stout provided me a lot of joy.
This beer has a nice smell, quite rich. Flavour is varied: we are of course malt and hops, but also coffee, fruits and light sour, and sweetness, and quite pleasant bitterness.
This is one of the best ales from Shepherd Neame.



Double Stout from Shepherd Neame Brewery


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