Elsecar Beer Festival

On 3-5 September 2015 in Elsecar took place Beer Festival – one of many held under the patronage of CAMRA.
I went there, I will tell how it was

One of the CAMRA activities is to organize Beer Festivals. They are held practically all year round sequentially in different locations of the UK. At such festivals producers exhibit their products – they are both beer and ciders.
Festivals in big cities is a huge, often international events, which is issued after hundreds of beers, and often more than a thousand. Obviously this is not possible then to taste each beer, but within a few days of the festival we have the opportunity to try a dozen or so of them.

However, most of all important there is the atmosphere. Among friends (and even strangers too) we can spend an afternoon and evening with a pint of good beer in hand, grab a bite and enjoy live music. Such a festival is a real family fete.
No wonder that every lover of good ale looks out for such an event in his area and joyfully takes part in it

In the same Barnsley, where I currently live, the Beer Festival took place in June. Now, in September, on a smaller scale visited Elsecar and lasted from Thursday (September 3rd) to Saturday (September 5th).
Elsecar is a small, neat village belonging to the district of Barnsley, twenty minutes by bus from where I live.
The event was located in Market Hall, a kind of club: hall with sanitary facilities, a kitchen and an intimate scene for bands

Elsecar, Milton Hall, 05.09.2015

CAMRA festivals aim to promote traditional English ale (real ale), therefore regional breweries use the opportunities to promote their products. The same was here.
Two local representatives present at the festival there were: Acorn Brewery and Wentworth Brewery.
On Elsecar Beer Festival were a total, within three days, more than 30 beers. All of them they are caskale (I will write more about them on another occasion).
Below the official list issued liquors

Elsecar Beer Festival-Beer & Cider List

A ticket cost only £1, in exchange I was handed a shaker with logo of CAMRA, a list of beers and ciders and I could go for a tasting-walk 🙂
Forgive me that I will not be reviewing for consumed
Firstly, I wanted to spend a nice evening with friends, not focusing on describing all the features of tasting beer.
And secondly, testing in a pub or on a festival is not entirely reliable due to a noise, crowd, various strange odors etc.
I can only assure that even such a small festival meeting can provide a lot of fun and I know that I don’t miss any of such events in my neighborhood

Finally, a few photos, that although a little bit feel the atmosphere of a small English beer festival.

Elsecar Beer Festival 01Elsecar Beer Festival 02Elsecar Beer Festival 03Elsecar Beer Festival 04Elsecar Beer Festival 05Elsecar Beer Festival 06Elsecar Beer Festival 07


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