Erdinger Pikantus – Dark Bock wheat beer

I present another beer from the brewery Erdinger. This time it is representative of not often encountered style, Weizen Bock called Erdinger Pikantus.


Erdinger brewery has in their offer beer in the style of dunkler weizenbock, which is a combination of Bock and Dunkelweizen.
This wheat-bock is called Pikantus and is a beer highly rated by both lovers of bock and dark weizen.


Dark Bock Wheat Beer

To brew weizenbock is used, at least half of the grist, wheat malt. Are used weizen yeast, to give the beer features of spices and fruits.
It is a combination of style dunkelweizen, which is brewed to strength of bock beer. Weizenbock is strong and bodied as bock and also has a flavours typical for dunkelweizen.

Wheat bock should have melanoidin aroma, malty, combined with aromas of dark fruits and notes of cloves, vanilla, or even banana.
Similarly, the taste should be, as in bock: melanoidin, malty, bread, along with touches of dark fruits, spices, cloves, vanilla, banana.
Bitterness typically is weakly intense, and hoppy flavour is absent.


In front of me a bottle of beer Erdinger Pikantus, as quote the inscription on label it is dunkler weizenbock, or dark wheat bock. Is brewed, of course, according with the Bavarian Beer Purity Law – Reinheitsgebot.


Name: ERDINGER PIKANTUS (Weizen Bock, alc. 7,3% ABV, 16,7°P)
Brewery: Erdinger Weißbräu [Erdinger Weissbrau] (Erding, Germany)

Expiration date: 30/06/2016 (bottle conditioned 500ml)
  date of drink: June 8, 2016

Erdinger Pikantus (1)
Erdinger Pikantus - labels & cap
Erdinger Pikantus (2)
test-look-small A little sediment at the bottom of the bottle.
The colour of beer is brown.
Foam light beige, medium height, quickly falling.

Malt aroma with notes of caramel, toffee and chocolate accent.
Very clear fruity esters (plums, raisins)
– those dark fruits are so intense, that I do not find the aroma of banana (unless that really, really ripe).
Perceptible alkohol.


The pleasant sweetness of caramel malt with a touch of chocolate.
It interacts with distinct notes of fruits (dark fruits, mainly plums).
There is a bit pleasantly warming alcohol.
Bitterness low, almost imperceptible.
Finish chocolate and plum with a touch of alcohol.
In aftertaste are plums, figs with a hint of cloves.
Medium-high bodied.
Beer gives the impression of velvety, creamy.


Erdinger Pikantus (3)


Erdinger Pikantus it’s quite tasty beer.
It is full-bodied, warming, multi-taste.
In the aroma we can find a clear fruity esters (plum) and caramel, chocolate and alcohol.
These aromas have their equivalents in the taste of beer. The pleasant sweetness of caramel and chocolate combined with dark fruits. Alcohol pleasantly warming. Bitterness is not sensed, and the finish is chocolate with a hint of fruits and alcohol. As aftertaste will be with us for some time fruits (plums, figs) and a light hint of cloves.
Very good weizenbock – bock beer with elements of dunkelweizen.
Like Erdinger Urweisse, so Pikantus does not disappoint – these two beers are worthy of recommendation.




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