Erdinger Urweisse – Hefeweizen with traditions

In a review of beers from the brewery Erdinger, can not miss Hefeweizen brewed according to the old recipe of the plant. Today I test Erdinger Urweisse.


This old recipe dating back to 1886, and therefore counts as old as the brewery Erdinger.

For the first time this beer went on sale in Bavaria January 1, 2008 and was to be a traditional, typical hefeweizen.

Elegance and style was added package: a bottle in old-style (so-called “Euro bottle”), the label in vintage style with drawing of tower Erding, stylized font.

As for the possibility of buying this beer that Urweisse definitely gives way to popularity and availability of highly promoted Erdingerowi Weissbier.
Knowing some shortcomings of taste of the latter, I am very curious what will be the effect of the comparison Weissbier with today’s hero of my post – Erdinger Urweisse.


Name: ERDINGER URWEISSE (Hefeweizen, alc. 4,9% ABV, 11,9°P )
Brewery: Erdinger Weißbräu [Erdinger Weissbrau] (Erding, Germany)

Expiration date: 12/2016 (bottle 500ml)
date of drink: June 7, 2016

Erdinger Urweisse - beer (1)
Erdinger Urweisse - labels
Erdinger Urweisse - beer (2)
test-look-small Golden-amber colour with a tinge of orange.
Foam high, white, slowly drops, with puncturing and lacing.
test-sniff-small Aroma typical for Hefeweizen:
here are bananas, cloves and touch of coriander.
Mineral accent, chalky, chewing gum, yeast – that’s all we also find here.
Additionally, in the background – malty aroma.
test-drink-small In taste, like in aroma, we find all the elements typical for Hefeweizen.
There is sweetness of banana and malt – in that malt we find some bread flavour.
That sweetness is spiced by peppery notes, slightly spicy
– we can find here, of course, the flavour of cloves.
Bitterness is low, more palpable at the finish.
Malty-cloves aftertaste.
Saturation rather average. Beer is quite bodied, but to fullness – a little lacking.


Erdinger Urweisse - beer (3)


Erdinger Urweisse – it turns out that this brewery is able to brew a good Hefeweizen.
After when I grumbled at Erdinger Weissbier and most recently at Erdinger Dunkel, now I am fully satisfied – just precisely should taste German Hefeweizen. The beer fully deserves for the nickname Urweisse (original wheat beer).
Even aroma indicates that we are dealing with a classic style: we feel bananas, cloves, and additionally malt, chalky aroma and defined as chewing gum.
Delicious, full flavour, where we will find bananas and cloves, where is malt, notes of bread and seasoned it is with a pinch of pepper.
All is well balanced, I drank that beer with a great pleasure. It is also very refreshing and, as they say, very drinkable.
Fans of Hefeweizen can only regret that on store shelves are Erdinger Weissbier, instead of Urweisse.




Erdinger Urweisse - beer (4)


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