Franziskaner Dunkel – the dark version of the classic

I really like Franziskaner Naturtrub, which is a classic Hefeweizen. I have not had a chance yet to try its dark version. Today, I make up for it, here – Franziskaner Dunkel.


At the outset, I invite you to read this post.
I presented there the history of beer and the brewery Franziskaner. Besides, I shared my experiences from tasting Franziskaner Naturtrub – classic German Hefeweizen.
In addition, I put there a whole new pictures, because today’s tasting the Dunkel I decided to carry on a comparison with Naturtrub. I decided because that it can not pass up the opportunity to drink an extra Weizen.


So in front of me there are two bottles from the brewery Spaten-Franziskaner-Brau. That with Dunkel version is, apparently, a little taller and slimmer.


Franziskaner Naturtrub & Franziskaner Dunkel

First, I made tasting a classic version of Franziskaner, with unconcealed pleasure – it’s still one of my favourite Hefeweizen.
Then came the turn of Dunkel. For comparison, I put photos of both beers, summarized next to each other, and I now proceed to describe my sensations from tasting the hero of today’s post.


Franziskaner Naturtrub & franziskaner Dunkel -= beers



Brewery: Spaten-Franziskaner-Leistbräu AG [AB InBev] (Munich, Germany)

Expiration date: 11/2016 (bottle 500ml)

Franziskaner Dunkel - beer (1)
Franziskaner Dunkel - labels
Franziskaner Dunkel - beer (2)
test-look-small The yeast sediment at the bottom of the bottle.
Dark brown colour, beer is cloudy.
Foam at the beginning quite high (though lower than in Naturtrub)
relatively quickly falls, while remaining as a thin layer.
test-sniff-small The aroma is dominated by malt and fruits (sweet plums, slightly wine pears).
Additionally perceptible caramel, mineral note, chalk, a pinch of cloves.
test-drink-small Mildly sweet taste.
We find in it: fruits (except those mentioned in aroma is also light hint of banana), malty sweetness, caramel note, yeast accent.
There is a delicate herbal accent, which gives a slight bitterness – with cloves in it.
Finish is malty, with a moderate, dry, bitterish accent.
In the aftertaste we have malt and cloves.
Saturation is a medium towards high. Bodied at a medium level.


Franziskaner Dunkel - beer (4)


Franziskaner Dunkel – it is a really great dunkelweizen.
Comparing it with beloved by me Franziskaner Naturtrub we can find here a lot of differences.
Leaving aside the colour of beer, which is obvious, in the aroma I did not found a banana (maybe a little cloves) – there are mainly malt and fruits – not bananas, but rather plums, or slightly wine pears.
In turn, the taste is mostly sweetness from malt and again fruits – taste is more malty, though the sweetness is not dominant. We have also a slight dry accent: a little herbal, and a little cloves – they build a light bitterness in this beer.
Similarly finish – malty with a slightly bitterish accent. Beer leaves malty-cloves aftertaste.
This dunkelweizen is really great, but I stick with a classic Franziskaner Naturtrub.





Franziskaner Dunkel - beer (3)


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