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After a series of reviews beers from Munich’s oldest brewery, we still remain in Munich. Today, a representative of the German craft brewing – beer called Friday, which is branded by the project Brewers And Union.


Brewers And Union, also called shorter: And Union, is a common project of three business partners, which was established in 2007.
This is not a typical brewery, with its own equipped brewhouse, but the contract brewery, so-called gypsy brewery.

That’s it in short, because the story of the creation of this project is actually a bit more complicated.

The initiator of foundation of the company was Rui Vieira Estevez – founder and head of the brewery located in South Africa – the contract brewery.
Initially, the first three years, And Union produced their beers in Belgium, later moved the business to Bavaria.

The entire production was intended for export to the Republic of South Africa, England, and then to China.

Currently the project Brewers And Union has focused on working with several Bavarian breweries and contributes to the development of the new German craft brewing.


Friday from Brewers & Union - bottle


The beer Friday, in a bottle with a distinctive design for this brewery, arose – attention: in South African contract brewery named Collective São Gabriel, branded by a project Brewers And Union headquartered in Munich, and brewed at the brewery Arcobräu Gräfliches Brauhaus, which dates back to the sixteenth century and which is situated in Moos, Bavaria.
I hope that everything I well decoded.

Oh, one more thing, this beer really is called Friday Über IPA and represents the style India Pale Ale. German craft beer directly from the Bavaria in American style.

The beer is unpasteurized, unfiltered. The entire brewing process, as the label indicates, it takes 10 weeks.
It is hopped by Hallertau and Chinook varieties.
And described by the brewery as “IPA not for woosies”.

So, I begin…



Name: FRIDAY [Friday Über IPA] (India Pale Ale, alc. 6,5% ABV, IBU 16°P)
Brewery: Brewers & Union UG (Munich, Germany)

Expiration date: 08/09/2016 (bottle conditioned 500ml)

Friday from Brewers & Union - beer (1)
Friday from Brewers & Union - labels
Friday from Brewers & Union - beer (2)
test-look-small Amber colour with a tinge of orange-copper.
Beer is opaque (unfiltered) – visible suspension.
Visible a high saturation – strings of gas bubbles.
Foam is cream coloured, quite high, fine-bubbles, fairly stable
– falls, remains until the end in the form of a thin layer on the surface.
test-sniff-small Aroma much fruity: tropical fruits, but also apricots, red currants, slightly vine apples, pears.
Noticeable malty accent.
test-drink-small In taste is present mainly sweetness of fruits (fruity flavours from aroma)
combined with the cereal sweetness, malty. There is also a hint of caramel.
Beer is at the same time crisp – sweetness is not imposed, and the relatively high saturation is refreshing.
Bitterness comes slowly and accumulates – is hoppy-citrusy and herbal.
Herbs and citrus bitterness remains for a longer time as the aftertaste.
Palpable is a note of alcohol.
Bodied quite high. Medium-to-high carbonation.


Friday from Brewers & Union - beer (3)


Friday is a very tasty beer, but as for IPA rather unusual.
Very fruity aromas combined with hints of malt.
In taste unexpected sweetness – fruity sweetness and malty at the same time. Noticeable notes of caramel. The beer is quite strongly saturated, which does not allow the sweetness to the excessive dominance. Moreover, keeps it in check a citrusy-herbal bitterness increasing during drinking. Finish quite long, clearly dry, bitter and citrus. In addition, some warming alcohol.
We have in this beer a combination of a India Pale Ale (bitterish, hoppy) with elements of a more powerful, sweet and caramel, warming American barley wine.
Maybe not entirely compatible with the style, but is why very original and extremely tasty.




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