Ghost Town from Cromarty – Beer worth believing in

I invite you to tasting the beer Ghost Town. This is porter from the Scottish brewery – Cromarty.


Cromarty Brewing Co. from Cromarty (Scotland)


And again on the blog I taste the beer from Scotland. It so happened that in the last time there were already several.
And after each of them they left me the best memories.

Today’s beer was brewed at the brewery Cromarty, in the port town with the same name, located in the Highlands.

The brewery is a family business founded in 2011 by Craig, Chap and Jenni Middleton.
Craig is an educated brewer – studied the science of brewing at Heriot Watt University. He is also a good manager: applied for grants and funds for business development. And besides, very friendly and witty storyteller, as we can see by looking at the website of the brewery.




The plant is located in a historic building, that was once a brewery (in the years 1790-1850).
Middleton family restored to that place its former destiny.
Gained funds allowed for purchase of new equipment in Bavaria (from Bavarian Brewery Technologies), and the first brew was poured into casks on 19 December 2011.


Ghost Town, as I mentioned, is a porter.
In the process of its brewing was used until ten kinds of malt. Sequentially these are: Maris Otter, munich, crystal, wheat, oats, flaked barley, melanoiden, roast barley, chocolate and roasted carafa III.
Used varieties of hops are: Simcoe, Chinook and Columbus.

Initially, the porter was a seasonal beer, brewed in the autumn; for some time now entered to a permanent offer of the brewery.

So, it’s time to look more closely into this black delicacy.



Name: GHOST TOWN (Porter, alc. 5,8% ABV, IBU 42)
Brewery: The Cromarty Brewing Company (Cromarty, Scotland)

Expiration date: 22/09/2016 (bottle conditioned, 330ml)

Ghost Town from Cromarty Brewing - beer (1)
Ghost Town from Cromarty Brewing - labels
Ghost Town from Cromarty Brewing - beer (2)
test-look-small The colour appears black, under the light – dark brown.
Foam light brown, medium-high, quite quickly falling
– its remnants remain on the surface.
test-sniff-small Mainly sweet, dark aromas.
There is malt, treacle, dark fruits (ripe plums, figs)
but also coffee, roasted malt, dark chocolate.
It is also noticeable alcohol.
test-drink-small Captivating, amazing flavour!
It has everything that I felt just in the aroma.
There is the sweetness of malt, treacle, sweet ripe plums (also dried), figs, chocolate.
Immediately after them comes the bitterness in which we find roasted malt,
coffee, chocolate (this time a bitter), cocoa.
Bitterness does not drown out the sweetness, all the time we feel fruits and licorice.
Finish even more dry – coffee, cocoa, with a hint of roasted malt.
There is pleasantly warming alcohol.
The beer is velvety in taste, well-balanced.
Medium bodied. Saturation moderate.


Ghost Town from Cromarty Brewing - beer (3)


Ghost Town from Cromarty Brewing is amazing porter.
Already its aroma, very rich and intense, promises to us what for a moment will offer in a taste. It smells like sweet malt, treacle, ripe dark fruits, but also coffee and roasted malt.
In taste we find the same elements. There is the sweetness of malt, ripe plums and figs. Bitterness brings dry coffee accent with a hint of roasted malt and goes well with the sweetness. There is also a warming alcohol.
The finish for that is clearly dry, strong, and in it – coffee, cocoa, roasted malt.
This beer is drinking with pleasure, is very aromatic, perfectly balanced and above all – delicious.





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