Greene King IPA Gold & IPA Reserve – who seeks will not find

Here I am – a tireless tester of India Pale Ales brewed in Greene King.
Today, waiting for me two bottles: IPA Gold & IPA Reserve.
Keep fingers crossed.


After a not very nice memories from previous tasting (I tasted Greene King IPA in green label) I’m genuinely curious what the brewery Greene King prepared and poured into bottles with labels IPA Gold & IPA Reserve.

I even keep my fingers crossed, that although these IPAs were in line with the style. I promise myself the most after IPA Reserve – the strongest beer in a series of India Pale Ale of brewery from Bury St. Edmunds.


However, I will start from IPA Gold – alcohol content 4,1% ABV.
Malt used is Pale.
For hopped used two interesting varieties.
The first one is WGV Goldings (Whitbread Golding Variety) – English aromatic hop variety, which brings mainly floral notes, and further herbal, citrusy, spicy.
The second variety is Savinjski Golding from Slovenia, also very aromatic hops – gives citrus notes and fruity.

IPA Gold should therefore be very aromatic beer (provided of course that throw the right amount of hops).

Therefore I start today’s double tasting.


Name: GREENE KING IPA GOLD (Golden Ale, alc. 4,1% ABV)
Brewery: Greene King (Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England)

Expiration date: 12/2016 (50cl bottle)

Greene King IPA Gold
Greene King IPA Gold - labels


test-look-small Golden colour,
white foam, fine-bubbles – quickly fraying, sinks and disappears.
test-sniff-small In the aroma we feel citruses and malt, in the background a little hops.
test-drink-small The flavour is mild – this so generally speaking.
It is noticeable malt, and are also citrus notes.
In the background are the elements of resinous, spicy.
We have the sweetness countered by citrus tartness,
but everything is at a low level of intensity – beer is mild in flavour.
Aftertaste is a tart bitterness – hastily receding.
Carbonation average. Watery.


Greene King IPA Gold – it is a little better than the “green” IPA.
We have a citruses (but too timidly accentuating their presence), some tart citrusy bitterness, some resinous notes. It feels the presence of hops, but added them not enough to show their full potential.

This beer also has nothing to do with India Pale Ale. Maybe it’s good for summer days to satisfy thirst, but it feels deficiency and wasted potential.





Well, now finally time for the strongest of four beers named by the brewery India Pale Ale.
It’s time for Greene King IPA Reserve.
Is this ale finally will show claws?

What we have here…
Malt – brewery mentions only one: Pale Ale, although it would seem that for colour should be even a coloring one malt.
As for the hops the brewery mentions up to five varieties: Challenger, Pilgrim, First Gold, Target, Styrian Goldings.
This set of hops in the appropriate dosage should ultimately give a really enjoyable India Pale Ale – but the same would be the case for Gold.
I keep my fingers crossed that this time will be different.



Name: GREENE KING IPA RESERVE (English Strong Ale, alc. 5,4% ABV)
Brewery: Greene King (Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England)

Expiration date: 03/2016 (50cl bottle)

Greene King IPA Reserve
Greene King IPA Reserve - labels


test-look-small Amber colour with a copper tint.
Foam cream colored, fraying quickly, perforates and falls.
test-sniff-small In the aroma dominates malt, caramel, are additionally hops notes.

Beer in feeling is sweet, malt-caramel.
Are present citrus fruits, but covered by dominant sweetness.
After a while… Finally, there is citrusy bitterness, but more as a finish.
Just we feel at the finish as bitterness expands, wants to take the initiative, dominate and… suddenly hides shyly and disappears.
Carbonation average. Bodied also at medium level.


Greene King IPA Reserve – beer has a profile malty, caramel, and citrus notes in the background.
I do not feel at all that were used five varieties of hops – also here skimped on them. There is bitterness, but loses with sweetness – is present only as an aftertaste and quickly walks away.
As a strong ale it is acceptable, but as India Pale Ale – definitely disappoints.






And finally, a short summary of the IPA series from brewery Greene King.

First, for unknown reasons, the brewery its golden ale, strong ale, bitters decided to combine into a series calling it India Pale Ale. From where this idea and who it came up – I really don’t know. These beers have nothing to do with IPA – none of them.

Secondly, if to skip completely confusing nomenclature and focus solely on beers and their taste – so, there is nothing special.
Personally I enjoyed East Coast – aromatic, citrusy, very refreshing ale.


And thirdly, came to me desire for the real India Pale Ale and I think that in the next post will finally be something for fans of this style.
I plan to expand the horizons for this blog and take care also a… but maybe later about it 🙂


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