Grisette Lemongrass from Brew By Numbers

Today, is waiting for me tasting of beer representing a rarely seen style. It is a product of the London brewery – Brew By Numbers, which is named: Grisette Lemongrass.


Brew By Numbers from London


Brew By Numbers is a small brewery, which is located in London.
Its capacity is admittedly only 12 bbl (UK barrels), but its founders – Tom and Dave, from the beginning have laid great emphasis on the quality of produced beer. These are short numbered series, in addition to popular styles are also less known, but all the time with an emphasis on high quality and drinkability.

It is worth to visit Brew By Numbers webpage and learn about the history of founding of that brewery – is because it is very interesting.
We’ll find out how Dave learned crafted beers in the antipodes, as Tom helped in the establishment of The Kernel Brewery, about their trip to Belgium, about reaping inspiration from American brewers.

Dave and Tom met in China during the expedition realizing their passion for rock climbing and motor sports.
They began their beer adventure from homebrewing, that in 2012 to achieve its goal – to own a commercial brewery.

The first beer of the brewery BBN was Saison labeled by number 01|01.
The first number represents the number of the beer style in the offer of brewery, and the second is the number of another recipe for this style.


Today, in front of me shapely bottle, with a modest but very stylish label, containing beer called Grisette Lemongrass 17|02.
Grisette is rarely seen style – a variety of saison.



Grisette, like Saison comes from Wallonia (south-western Belgium).
While Saison was beer, which drank the most farmers, quenching thirst after hard work in the field, that Grisette was beer of miners.
The name refers to the gray garments of women who give out beer to miners at the end of the working day (the word gris means – gray).
Grisette is similar to style saison, but also contained wheat, was slightly lighter, less hopped.
Was brewed it in the late winter and spring and stored in wooden barrels.


With great interest I take for tasting this delicacy – I have not had a chance to drink beer in the style of Grisette.
The brewery has in their offer several recipes of this style. That, marked number 02, assumes addition of lemongrass.


Name: GRISETTE – LEMONGRASS 17|02 (Saison, alc. 3,8% ABV)
Brewery: Brew By Numbers (London, England)

Expiration date: 08/02/2017 (bottle conditioned, 330ml)
Date of drink: June 15, 2016

Grisette Lemongrass from Brew By Numbers - beer (1)
Grisette Lemongrass from Brew By Numbers - label
Grisette Lemongrass from Brew By Numbers - beer (2)
test-look-small The yeast sediment at the bottom of the bottle.
The colour is light golden – beer is cloudy.
Foam is white medium high, quickly drops remaining in the form of a thin film, persisting to the very end.
test-sniff-small Fresh fruity aroma.
We discern in it citruses, ripe melon, flowers, green aroma (grass, fresh leaves), as well as herbs.
In addition, some malt and yeast.
test-drink-small The taste is semi-dry.
It is reflected on the one hand a clear hint of citrus and basically lemon (lemon grass)
– it gives sour-sweet flavour.
That acidity is a bit like sour beer, brewed with wild yeast.
On the other hand, we have the distinct flavour of spices herbal, peppery notes – they bring dryness to taste.
Behind them, more as a background, follows the taste of malt, which adds a grain sweetness and slightly softens these two main sour-peppery flavours.
Bitterness is moderate, herbal – flits quite quickly.
The finish is sour and herbal with a lemon twist.
Aftertaste – peppery, seasoned.
Saturation quite high.


Grisette Lemongrass from Brew By Numbers - beer (3)


Grisette Lemongrass is a remarkable original beer.
Wonderful fresh aroma in which you find citrus fruits, melon, flowers, grass, herbs – all goods of summer orchards and meadows.
Refreshing taste, in which we have a slight acidity of lemon, herbal and peppery seasoning, sweet of cereals.
It’s very refreshing beer, great tastes chilled in a summer day – quenches thirst and strengtheneth. Simply delicious.




Grisette Lemongrass from Brew By Numbers - beer (4)


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