Guinness Golden Ale, or The Brewers Project for the third time

Guinness Golden Ale is another beer, which was established in the context of The Brewers Project. Its premiere took place in April this year.

A new member of the Guinness family was not, as one might expect, another porter or stout, but pale ale. The entire undertaking directs the brewer Peter Simpson, who from the brewery St. James Gate was delegated to The Brewers Project.



As he says, his ambition was to create a perfectly balanced ale, which would introduce masses of consumers in the fascinating world of the highest quality beers. In other words, it was about focusing attention drinkers of popular lagers to ales and show them that it can become the object of their interest.

According to promotional materials name Golden Ale draws attention to the pale tint of this beer, which is brewed in Dublin using original yeast of Guinness, Irish barley, hops and giving color amber malt.

Before I describe my experience from tasting, take a look for commercial spot of this beer:



True that a tasty? Already I gained appetite, and so to the point.


Guinness Golden Ale   Guinness Golden Ale description

Name: Guinness Golden Ale, alc. 4,5% vol.
Brewery: St. James’s Gate, Dublin, Ireland

The label in shape fits in with the style of earlier production of The Brewers Project; shiny gold refers to the name and the color of beer, cap common to the whole series of Guinness.




Beautiful head bright head of fine bubbles. It falls pretty quickly, leaving no traces on the glass. Gold color, amber (for a golden is too dark), announces full-bodied in flavor ale




The smell of malt, bread, with a hint of citrus; typical for substantial ale.




The smell promised myself more.
Slightly malty flavor, moderately hoppy and citrus, grassy. Bitterness at the finish clear, but not too intense, rather rapidly disappearing (then you want another sip). Slightly metallic tang



Very drinkable beer. Although in truth, there is no revolution. Probably it not supposed to be, however after the premium ale I was expecting some special experiences.
From the other hand, I’m not too sure if this particular beer distract fans of lager from their favorite drink. Color too dark, beer has its own smell and taste – well, just tastes like ale



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