Guinness West Indies Porter – reloaded Part 1

Guinness West Indies Porter is the first of the revived beers, created as part of The Brewers Project, brewed based on discovered old recipes.

Exactly one year ago, in September 2014 beer lovers, and especially fans of Guinness, thrilled the information about implementation to produce two new types of porter based on recipes dating back more than 200 years.
The new project of the brewery in Dublin was based on the writings of those years brewers and brought to life two new brands.
This information was announced on September 4 and announced also that already in the middle of the month it will be possible to taste these liquors in selected pubs.
The name of the new brands: West Indies Porter and Dublin Porter.
Today I will describe the first one.

The recipe of Guinness West Indies Porter comes from 1801. This beer was designed for long trips overseas and would preserve their freshness on the way to the Caribbean and beyond. For this reason it was stronger, more bodied and brewed them with more hops. This was enjoying palates of Irish immigrants in India, Africa, Australia, and the Caribbean.
Then it was named West India Porter, in 1849 to be renamed into Foreign Extra Stout, which was evolved, subject to various modifications survived until today.
This beer is currently strongest porter in the offer of the brewery from Dublin (alc. 7.5% vol., 17.5%).

Deployed to production, West Indies Porter therefore has the same roots, but is weaker in alcohol content (6% vol.), And as to extract, it is hard to find anywhere information about its quantity; on British beers such information will not find. We can guess that it will be less bodied, and as for the taste profile that’s what I turn to the details.

Guinness West Indies Porter


Name: Guinness West Indies Porter, alc. 6,0% vol.
Brewery: St. James’s Gate, Dublin, Ireland

Very nice stylish label with a note of recipe date. Back label informs about creation of beer under The Brewers Project, then a few words about the flavor profile. Brewed in Dublin, best-before date 26/05/2016. Cap the same as Guinness Original.

Appearance: black, almost impenetrable (even darker than Guinness Original). Only under strong light can be discerned to a ruby-cherry glow.

Head: very abundant, beige, small and medium-sized bubbles, flows down with lacing.

Aroma: malt-hoppy with the addition of toffee, dried fruits (prunes, raisins).

Taste: roasted malt, coffee, dark chocolate, all this is broken by a hint of the sweetness toffee. Slightly sour. Finish moderately bitter, but as far as drinking getting more pronounced. There is no smoked notes, as described yesterday’s Guinness Original; I feel rather dry taste of dried fruit. Poor saturation.

This beer gave me a lot of joy, great flavor composition, while does not seem watery – I drank it with really high pleasure.
I would recommend.



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