Hefe from Stewart Brewing, or German classic from Scotland

I present Hefeweizen straight from Scotland. I invite you to tasting Hefe from Stewart Brewing.


After several previous posts about German beers, including Hefeweizens, today I wander to Scotland.
However, we still remain in a climate of Bavaria, because beer from the brewery Stewart, both the name and style, refers to the German classics.

Hefe is indeed, as quote the inscription on the label, Wheat in the German style.

I remind that about Stewart Brewing I wrote recently on the occasion of review their Margarita Gose. It was an interesting variation on the well-known style – very original and tasty beer. I wonder how they treated the style hefeweizen – whether I will find in that beer any authors flavours, or will it be a classic in its pure form.


Beer Hefe brewery sells in bottles only, as a bottle conditioned, of course. The premiere of that beer took place in November 2010.
For grist used: Maris Otter barley malt, wheat and oats.
The varieties of hops: Tettnang and Crystal.
Fermentation takes place thanks to the original Bavarian weizen yeasts.

In that case, time to try this Hefeweizen straight from Scotland.


Name: HEFE (Hefeweizen, alc. 5,5% ABV)
Brewery: Stewart Brewing (Loanhead, Scotland)

Expiration date: 31/12/2016 (bottle conditioned 330ml)
date of drink: June 14, 2016

Hefe from Stewart Brewing - beer (1)
Hefe from Stewart Brewing - label
Hefe from Stewart Brewing - beer (2)
test-look-small The colour of beer is golden, with a slightly orange tint.
Beer after pouring is cloudy (yeast sediment from the bottle).
The foam is white, huge, stable;
initially fine-bubbles, after a long moment it perforates and shreds.
test-sniff-small It smells like a classic hefeweizen.
Noticeable are the cloves. The present is fruity note,
in which can be find bananas, but also a little citruses.
There is also a chalky accent, mineral and slightly alcoholic flavour or of very ripe fruits.
test-drink-small The taste is very original.
Beer is a semi-sweet – is present sweetness of wheat, malty.
We have here clearly sweet bananas, but everything is seasoned with hot spices,
among which we find cloves, coriander, nutmeg.
The delicate acidity of the lemon gently tweaks in tongue.
Low bitterness, which tastes like a spicy seasoning goes into the finish,
which is dry, herbal, tangy – though moderate, restrained.
Aftertaste is a malty-spicy.
Saturation quite high. Bodied at a medium level.


Hefe from Stewart Brewing - beer (3)


Hefe from Stewart Brewing is a very original and extremely tasty version of the classic German Hefeweizen.
This beer is dominated by, typical for this style, cloves and bananas.
The aroma is just like that, though enriched with fruity accents.
In the taste – sweetness of banana and malt is richly flavoured with spices, among which we find cloves, coriander and nutmeg. There is a slight citrus accent. Bitterness and finish at a relatively low level, which is typical for this type of beer. They have the character herbal, tangy.
For a long time we will feel in the mouth malty-spicy taste of this unique Scottish Hefeweizen.





Hefe from Stewart Brewing - beer (4)


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