Hobgoblin – bogeyman from Wychwood

Halloween is coming.
Let this be an opportunity to enter into the world of goblins, witches, ghosts and pumpkins. Of course, in terms of beer world.
For a start: Hobgoblin bogeyman from Wychwood


Wychwood Brewery


Wychwood Brewery is located in Witney (Oxfordshire, England) and is part of the company Marston‘s (the network owner pubs and its own brewery).
The beginnings of the brewery dates back to 1841, when it built a malt house Eagle Maltings. It produced barley malt for Clinch‘s Brewery owner of more than seventy pubs.
In 1961, Courage bought Clinch’s for its pub estate and closed down the brewery.

In 1983, the original seat of the Clinch’s Brewery Eagle Maltings was purchased by man named Paddy Glenny who renamed the building for The Eagle Brewery.
Business continued Chris Moss, who in 1990 changed the name of this brewery on Wychwood Brewery, taking its name from the surrounding ancient Wychwood Forest.

Accordingly, the official date of founding Wychwood Brewery is 1983, and the founders Paddy Glenny and Chris Moss.

Since 2002 the owner of Wychwood is a company Refresh UK, which is currently also subsidiary of Marston‘s.

But enough already with those business threads better let’s talk about present beer.

Hobgoblin is the flagship brand of the brewery, style of this beer is British Brown Ale with a characteristic brown, in fact ruby color. Hence Wychwood defines its ale as ‘Ruby beer’.
The annual production reaches 50,000 barrels (over 8 million liters). Wychwood exports beer all over the world.
It is 5.2% abv in bottles and cans, 4.5% on cask.

In 1988 the brewery was asked to produce a special beer for the wedding of the daughter of the local notable. Beer has created personally Chris Moss it was obviously Hobgoblin.

It was the first bottled beer in the UK to feature an illustrated label, as opposed to a simple text-based one.
Most labels from Wychwood Brewery was inspired by the legends and myths associated with Wychwood Forest.

The promotion of Hobgoblin brewery uses a slogan: “What’s the matter Lagerboy, afraid you might taste something?”
The companies recommend drinking a chilled lagersas opposed to the optimal room temperature at which ales should be drunk, ca. 16°C.

Hobgoblin to Lagerboy

Funny anecdote is associated with a meeting at the G-20 summit, which took place in 2010 in Toronto. Prime Minister David Cameron and President Barack Obama gave each other bottles of beer from their respective home towns.
David Cameron presenting Obama with 12 bottles of Hobgoblin, which is brewed in his Witney constituency. In return Obama gave David 24 bottles of Goose Island beer from Chicago.
Obama emphasized that beer which drinks must be chilled only then is outstanding.


David Cameron and Barack Obama at G20 Summit in Toronto 2010


This statement provoked comments on the internet and inspired the brewery to produce T-shirts with an appropriate inscription.

What's the matter Mr Obama

It is high time, however, to remove the cap from a bottle of Hobgoblin and closer to befriend him.


Hobgoblin - ruby beer

Hobgoblin labels

Name: Hobgoblin, alc. 5,2% vol.
Brewery: Wychwood Brewery (Witney, Oxfordshire, England)

Beer in style Brown Ale (Wychwood describes it as Ruby beer).
Expiration date: 30/06/2016.

Hobgoblin is brewed with Chocolate & Crystal malts and a blend of Styrian, Goldings & Fuggles hops.


test-look-small Beautiful deep brown colour. Looking at the light actually has a ruby tint.
Head light beige, after pouring quite high, quickly falling to the layer covering the surface.
Saturation weak
test-sniff-small Pleasant aroma of malt, caramel, honey.
A clear fruity notes
test-drink-small The taste of malt and notes of roasted malt, caramel further. After a few sips I start to feel the notes of dark chocolate.
Taste of the fruit (dried plum). Sustainable hop bitterness. Light sweetness.
The taste is very pleasant


Hobgoblin is very drinkable beer. It has a pleasant smell, it tastes great, and the taste is varied.
It is full-bodied and in addition has a beautiful ruby color.
I can not wait to taste another beer from Wychwood




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