Hobgoblin Gold – Born out of Character

Here’s brother of Hobgoblin ruby: Hobgoblin Gold – born out of character.

Recently I tried beer Hobgoblin.
I enjoyed it so much that I got an appetite for other beverages from Wychwood Brewery.

As I announced, I want my next tastings keep in the climate associated with Halloween, and that it by theme images on the labels of this brewery had a fit in the atmosphere of that night, I dug in nearby shops and I equipped a few products of Wychwood.
I only regret that I have not found them more.

Today I taste Hobgoblin in the version of Gold.

Hobgoblin Gold is a beer in the style of Golden Ale.
As we learn at the brewery’s website in the brewing process was used wheat and barley malt and six varieties of hops.
When it comes to hops we have a certain inaccuracy, because on the same webpage brewery lists four varieties. Additionally on the bottle label, in description of beer, is mentioned also four varieties.

The listed four varieties of hops are:

  1. British Pilgrim (has a strong fruity, spicy, pleasant smell of lemon-grapefruit flavors, also including verdant, berries and pears)
  2. New Zealand Nelson Sauvin (this hop has a strong fruity flavor and aroma of freshly crushed grapes, gooseberries, some sense in it passion fruit, tangerine and grapefruit)
  3. American Citra (used due to the flavor of tropical fruits, citrus)
  4. Summit, also from the USA (in small quantities can add depth and complexity to a beer with pungent, spicy citrus flavors bordering on the savory; in large quantities, it can be easily identified as a distinct onion or garlic-like flavor).

Judging by these information Hobgoblin Gold is a beer with a completely different taste than his older brother.
To find that out I immediately proceed to an open the bottle of Gold it’s time to taste


Hobgoblin Gold beer

Hobgoblin Gold - labels & cap

Name: Hobgoblin Gold (alc. 4,5% vol.)
Brewery: Wychwood Brewery Witney, Oxfordshire, England)

Beer in Golden Ale style.
Expiration date: 31/07/2016


test-look-small Colour light-golden.
Head: medium bubbles, quite high. Falls quickly, the remnants accompanying us to the end.
Medium saturation
test-sniff-small Definitely the dominant scent is citrus (lemon and orange zest, and grapefruit).
test-drink-small As the foreground the taste of citrus, then: malthop, herbal.
A clear, pleasant bitterness.
Bubbles little, but nevertheless tickle the tongue


Hobgoblin Gold is a very refreshing beer, they should be drink slightly chilled: then it is ideal for quenching your thirst on a summer day.
Taste and smell fairly homogenous citrusherbal

Although this is brother of Hobgoblin, it is a completely different beer, but really pleasant to taste.




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