Hop House 13 Lager – in spite of tradition

Today unusual beer, on which tasting I waited quite a long time. In the end, it offered the opportunity to taste Hop House 13 Lager.


Unusual beer, because it is lager from the stable of Guinness. And Guinness associate after all, with a pitch-black stout and so far no one would have thought that their choice will fall on beer in this style.

Well, but for that kind of challenges was appointed team of experts called The Brewers Project.


Hop House 13 Lager & The Brewers Project

This department had from the founding act as a small, craft brewery which produced beers breaking the stereotype of the main plant, known mainly from the production of stouts.
The result of their work are already present in the general sale, three beers: West Indies Porter, Dublin Porter and Golden Ale. I have had the opportunity to taste them and publish the results on my blog.

As for the Hop House 13 Lager, I wrote about it earlier in that post – if anyone had no opportunity, I invite to read it.

Let me remind you that the Hop House 13 Lager is a double-hopped beer of bottom fermentation, brewed from the Irish barley and aromatic hops, using original yeast of Guinness.
The varieties of hops used in this beer are Galaxy and Topaz from Australia and American Mosaic.

The name Hop House 13 is derived from the name of the warehouse, which was founded in the early twentieth century, next to the brewery St. James’s Gate, and which was used for storage of hops. This store is there anyway for the today.

Lager was available initially only in Ireland, and later expanded its availability.
I bought my bottle at the Asda supermarket – the alkohol content 5% ABV.


Famous are the Guinness advertising films – atmospheric, referring to the tradition, a little pathetic. It is no different in the case of this lager.
Let’s see together this short video, followed by I invite you to the description of my impressions from the tasting.



Name: HOP HOUSE 13 LAGER (Pale Lager, alc. 5% ABV)
Brewery: St. James’s Gate, Dublin, Ireland

Expiration date: 24/12/2016 (bottle 330ml)

Hop House 13 Lager from St James's gate Brewery - beer (1)
Hop House 13 Lager from St James's gate Brewery - labels
Hop House 13 Lager from St James's gate Brewery - beer (3)
test-look-small The colour of dark gold, amber.
Foam white, low, falling quickly – only remnants remain on the surface of beer.
test-sniff-small The aroma are citruses, are hops, a little malt, caramel, and something else – the dominant, very original note.
These are like a very ripe, slightly vine mandarins, maybe currants, peaches, a floral note
– very intriguing that aroma.
test-drink-small The taste is clearly hoppy and further – malty.
That original note from the aroma we find in the taste.
These are the citruses, mainly mandarins, hint of melon, ripe peaches.
Beer is dry in character.
Bitterness medium intense and hoppy.
Finish pleasantly bitterish, hoppy, slightly tart, but in the end somewhat softened by a hint of caramel.
Medium bodied. Carbonation average.


Hop House 13 Lager from St James's gate Brewery - beer (2)


Hop House 13 Lager – I finally had the opportunity to taste this beer.
It proved to be very original, both in aroma and flavour.
Citrus aroma, hoppy with the hint of ripe fruits – very pleasant.
Taste is similarly: hoppy with clear fruity accents. Dry taste of of beer accentuated by a moderate bitterness and hoppy-tartness finish.
It was not the first time I say that I do not like bottles of 330ml – that tasty lager disappeared definitely too quickly. For the additional information: practical four-packs are available – I think it worth using.



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