In the pub [10] – Acorn, Oakham Ales

Three beers from the last visit to the pub Old No.7 in Barnsley, this time from breweries Acorn, Oakham Ales. Drunk from a special occasion.


Yesterday I was at a farewell meeting. We said goodbye to Bartek, who returns to Poland. After Michael, he is another of our group of friends who decided to return to the country.

On this occasion, several people drank a few beers, of course, in the pub Old No.7 in Barnsley.


As the first I chose the beer from Acorn Brewery called White Oak.
It is seasonal ale brewed with American hops – Crystal. This aromatic additive promises citrus taste of the beer. I did not lose the opportunity to check it out personally.


Name: WHITE OAK (Golden Ale, alc. 4,5% ABV, cask)
Brewery: Acorn Brewery (Wombwell, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England)

White Oak from Acorn Brewery

Light golden colour, white foam, compact and fine bubbles.
Citrus aroma.
The flavour is clearly citrusy, hoppy, enhanced by cereal sweetness.
Bitterness is at medium level,
the finish already is definitely grapefruit bitterish.
Great, well hopped ale.

pump ocena-4_5m


Encouraged by the good first ale I asked for another beer from AcornaPremiant IPA.
This is another seasonal cask-ale from this brewery, this time coming from a series of European Hopped IPA’s.
Premiant hops is a Czech variety with a delicate aroma, but mainly used to achieve the appropriate bitterness. And bitterness, as we know, is half of the success of good India Pale Ale.


Name: PREMIANT IPA (IPA, alc. 5,0% ABV, cask)
Brewery: Acorn Brewery (Wombwell, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England)

Premiant IPA from Acorn Brewery

Amber colour,
white foam, dense, relatively high – falls forming lacing.
Delicate aroma, citrus-malt.
Malt flavour with a hint of citrus.
Bitterness average of intense finish is clearly bitterish, dry.
Good beer, though it lacks a bit of character.

pump ocena-4m


And already at the end, I opted for a beer from Oakham AlesCitra Export.
On the blog I already reviewed their bottled beer under the name Citra. So I was wondering what are my impressions of tasting this version of Citra.


Name: CITRA EXPORT (Golden Ale, alc. 4,7% ABV, keg)
Brewery: Oakham Ales (Peterborough, Cambridgdeshire, England)

Citra Export from Oakham Ales

Beer is cloudy, in gold colour.
White foam, dense.
In aroma are citruses.
The flavour are even more citrusy (mainly grapefruit)
additionally lychee and some other tropical fruits.
Crisp bitterness, citrusy with a hint of resin.
Finish dry, bitterish, grapefruit.
Excellent, refreshing and tasty.

pump ocena-5m


And so this special Saturday evening came to an end.

Bartek, good luck!
Thanks for all these nice moments, it was really something cool.
Adam – greetings also for you. I wish you the fulfillment of your plans!
Thanks to you, guys, life here been easier.
Take care!


Adam i Bartek

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