In the pub [4] – Buxton, Beavertown, Acorn, Colchester

Another interesting beers tested in a pub Old No.7.
Today breweries Buxton, Beavertown, Acorn, Colchester. Welcome to the relation.


Our local brewery from BarnsleyAcorn, is not idle. Another their limited beer went to Old No.7.
This time it was Black IPA named Thunder Struck.


Name: THUNDER STRUCK (Black IPA, 5,7% ABV)
Brewery: Acorn Brewery (Wombwell, Barnsley, South Yorkshire)

Thunder Struck from Acorn Brewery

Brown in colour with ruby flashes.
Creamy foam, low, falling with lacing.
Pleasant fruithoppy flavour with a hint of coffee
The taste of roasted malt, coffee, fruity notes. Dry.
A clear, crisp bitterness, as befits a IPA

pump ocena-4m


Colchester Brewery is a brewery from South-East England, founded in 2011 by experienced professionals from the brewing sector. The first beer released in February 2012.
A characteristic feature on the labels of their beers is a viaduct from Victorian times – Chappel Viaduct. It has 32 arches, has 346 meters long and runs the monorail.
On his honour the building in which is a brewery named Viaduct Brewhouse.

Chappel Viaduct

From this brewery in the pub Old No.7 was present beer Red Diesel, which I decided to taste.



Name: RED DIESEL (Bitter / Red Ale, 4,2% ABV)
Brewery: Colchester Brewery Ltd. (Wakes Colne, Essex, England)

Red Diesel from Colchester Brewery

The colour is actually chestnutred.
White low head.
The aroma is not very intense, palpable is mainly malt and caramel.
Malty and caramel flavour with notes of fruit. Slightly sour.
Expressive bitterness

Marshmallow Meltdown Stout from Abbeydale Brewery


Another interesting beer comes from Beavertown Brewery, founded in 2011 in London.
The beer is called Quelle and is representative of the Saison style.
Beers in this style are pale golden colour or pale orange, with a high foam, if unfiltered: are cloudy, are sparkling and have a wealth of aromas and flavours due to the presence of fruity esters, they are otherwise very refreshing.
I have already had the opportunity to try here Saison beer style: it was Saison L’été from Burning Sky Brewery.



Name: QUELLE (Saison, 4,1% ABV)
Brewery: Beavertown (Tottenham Hale, London, England)

Quelle from Beavertown Brewery

Light yellow colour. The beer is cloudy.
White foam is not too high, stable, leaves a lacing on the glass.
Carbonation fairly high, all the while moderately effervescence occurs, gently tweaking tongue.
Aroma is clearly fruity (citrus and tropical fruits)
  The taste is the same: citruses, fruits, floral notes.
Bitterness rather small.
Really tasty and refreshing

pump ocena-4_5m


And yet (drinking the next day), two unusual beers from Buxton Brewery.
This truly craft, fond of experimenting brewery lies at the foot of the Peak District in Derbyshire.
What can I say, I tasted their two beers andI fell in love.


Buxton Gold. In the brewing of this beer uses hops:

  1. Amarillo (American for bitterness and aroma)
  2. Liberty (American variety has a spicy profile (mainly cinnamon), gives notes of resin and slightly sweet. Used for aroma)
  3. Nelson Sauvin (hop from New Zealand the name comes from Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Hops has a strong fruity flavour and aroma of freshly crushed grapes, gooseberries, some sense in it passion fruit, tangerine and grapefruit)


Name: BUXTON GOLD (Golden Ale, 5,2% ABV)
Brewery: Buxton Brewery (Buxton, Derbyshire, East Midlands, England)

Buxton Gold from Buxton Brewery

Colour light amber-orange.
Beer is cloudy. Carbonation medium.
Creamy head is not too high, falls with lacing.
Aroma of hops, fruit and floral (apricots, peaches
The taste of the fruit, including citrus (apricots, grapefruit, tangerines), plus floral notes.
A clear strong bitterness, reminiscent of bitter citrus zest

The beer is amazing in flavour, very good to drink it.
The aroma and taste are very original and harmonized

pump ocena-5m


The second beer from Buxton is Axe Edge IPA.
We have in it following hops:

  1. Amarillo (see above: Buxton Gold)
  2. Citra (American hops used for aroma of tropical fruits and citrus)
  3. Nelson Sauvin (see above: Buxton Gold)


Name: AXE EDGE (India Pale Ale, 6,8% ABV)
Brewery: Buxton Brewery (Buxton, Derbyshire, East Midlands, England)

Axe Edge from Buxton Brewery

Amber-orange colour.
The beer is cloudy, white head fairly compact and stable, it falls forming a lacing.
The aroma of hops, tropical fruits, citruses, but also strawberry.
Taste: tropical fruits, citruses, floral notes
Noticeable notes of pine especially in intense, but short bitterness,
wherein in addition is bitterness from citrus zest

As for me – a revelation! Incredibly tasty beer.
Alcohol does not feeling, and these 73 IBU is also well hidden.
Just symphony of taste and aroma

pump ocena-5_5m


I must admit that, especially the last three beers, impressed me (from Buxton and Beavertown).
Extremely original and tasty

Let someone now tries to say that the English beers are boring😉


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