In the pub [5] – Acorn, Welbeck, Redemption, Marble, Primator

Another visit in the pub Old No.7 resulted in new tasting impressions.


In two days I was able to taste five of interesting beers from five breweries (in order: Acorn, Welbeck, Redemption, Marble, Primator).

First off was another product from Acorn BreweryFreebird.
Freebird is a beer from the Signature series, which endorses personally brewer from Acorn – Steve Bunting. It is a beer style American Pale Ale.


Name: FREEBIRD (American Pale Ale, 4,5% ABV)
Brewery: Acorn Brewery (Wombwell, Barnsley, South Yorkshire)

Freebird (American Pale Ale) from Acorn Brewery

Colour light golden.
Thick white foam, rather quickly drooping.
Hoppy and citrusy aroma.
The mainly flavour is citrusy, light sweetness from malt.
Expressive crisp bitterness.
Another successful seasonal beer from Acorn

pump ocena-4m


Welbeck Abbey is a brewery located in the beautiful area of Nottinghamshire. It was founded in April 2010. From the beginning the head brewer is there Claire Monk – not enough that this is one of the youngest heads of this branch in the country, it’s still on top of this is … the girl.

To Old No.7 went from there beer Porter Oak with a note in its name: Spiced Bonfire Ale.
Therefore, that I’m always willing to try to new porter or stout, the choice was obvious.



Name: PORTER OAK (Porter, 5,0% ABV)
Brewery: Welbeck Abbey Brewery (Welbeck, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England)

Porter Oak from Welbeck Brewery

Brown in colour, with a ruby tint.
Head is light, low, slowly falling.
The distinct aroma of roasted malt.
Its taste is clearly perceptible roasted malt, further taste of dark caramel,
notes smoked and smoked fruit.
Light sour. Bitterness mild.
Medium-bodied beer, but in the end it’s porter

pump ocena-4m


The next evening in favourite pub I started from beer Big Chief from Redemption Brewery.
Redemption is craft London brewery founded in 2010. For such a young brewery the number of awards and titles is impressive; look at themselves, it seems that the list is endless:

Big Chief IPA is packed with the New Zealand Kiwi hops that rather instead of citrus flavours (lemon, grapefruit) give aromas of tropical fruits (eg. Passionfruit).


Name: BIG CHIEF (India Pale Ale, 5,5% ABV)
Brewery: Redemption (Tottenham, London, England)

Big Chief from Redemption Brewery

Light-amber colour with an orange tint.
White foam, falling with lacing. Beer slightly cloudy.
The aroma is citrusy and tropical fruits.
Its taste citrusy (grapefruit, mandarin), tropical fruits.
Crisp bitterness, perfectly complementary to fruity body of this beer.
As for me – excellent ale!

pump ocena-4_5m


Marble Brewery – this is another fast-growing microbrewery, who started from 4.5 barrels in 1997, and at this moment his power grew to 12 UK barrels.
It is located in Manchester, it endorses three pubs and one of their products is just a guest in Old No.7. It’s IBD Brew (designated as West Coast IPA).
The Munich and Vienna malts give a clean body allowing Citra and Mosaic hops to shine through.


Name: IBD BREW (India Pale Ale, 6,4% ABV)
Brewery: Manchester Marble Brewery (Manchester, England)

IBD Brew from Marble Brewery (Manchester)

Light yellow colour. Head is mild, falls forming a lacing.
Beer slightly hazy.
The aroma – tropical fruits and citrusy.
Taste: citrusy, tropical fruits (mango), some floral notes.
Bitterness quite substantial, but not overwhelming – it is pleasant.

Really great beer!

pump ocena-4_5m


And at the end of a beer from the Czech Republic – award-winning Weizenbier with refreshed by the brewery series Top Line. The brewery is named Primator and has its seat in Nachod in the Czech Republic.
Beer in British distribution is called Top line W, its sales handled by the company Pivovar Ltd. (York, North Yorkshire).


Name: Top Line W (Weizenbier, 5% ABV)
Brewery: Primator (Nachod, Czech Republic)

Top Line W (Weizenbier) from Primator

Colour is pale amber, gold.
Cloudy, opaque.
Head is small, build-up a glass.
In aroma noticeable mainly bananas, a little cloves.
Taste typical for weizen – bananas, a little cloves (too little for me), fruity notes.
Bitterness mild.
Carbonation quite large.

pump ocena-4m

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