In the pub [6] – Thornbridge, Beavertown, Buxton, Acorn, Dark Star

Several superb beers drunk in favourite pub during special evening.


On Saturday evening, when we said goodbye to a friend returning to Polish (Michael – good luck!) we met obviously in Old No.7, that the memory of atmosphere of this unique pub will accompanied to Michael as long as possible.


For a few days we waited for announced beer from Acorn BreweryThe 13th Noel.
As you can infer from name, this is a seasonal beer brewed at Christmas time.
An interesting fact is numbering of subsequent editions of this ale, and increasing every year power of this beverage.
First edition “The First Noel” took place in 2003 and from year to year increases of 0.5% alcohol content of this beer.
The 13th Noel has 6% abv and it is defined as “Christmass pudding in a glass”.
Bramling Cross hops been used here – an English variation due to the aroma often used for dark beers and Christmas.
Just from this beer I started my Saturday tasting.



Name: THE 13th NOEL (English Strong Ale, 6,0% ABV)
Brewery: Acorn Brewery (Wombwell, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England)

The 13th Noel from Acorn Brewery

The colour is brown with ruby tint.
Head low, light beige.
The aroma of malt and fruity.
Flavour: roasted malt, coffee, licorice, fruit (apples, currants), note of spices.
Slightly sweet. Bitterness moderate.
Tasty and quite full-bodied.

pump ocena-4m


I have had the opportunity to try a beer from Dark Star (Carafa Jade).
This time, necessarily I had to taste the award-winning by CAMRA and SIBA – Hophead.
Relatively light golden ale, hopped by Cascade hops, with an interesting flavour profile.



Name: HOPHEAD (Golden Ale / Blond Ale, 3,8% ABV)
Brewery: Dark Star (Patridge Green, West Sussex, England)

Hophead from Dark Star Brewery

Beer is slightly cloudy, light-golden colour.
White foam is not high, falls leaving the ring.
Aroma of malt and fruits.
In flavour are fruits, mainly citrus, floral notes.
Light sweetness is quickly covers by bitterness which is clear.
Bitter aftertaste, slightly extended, enjoyable.
Beer in perception is dry, fairly full-bodied.

pump ocena-4m


Then, my choice fell on New World Saison from Buxton Brewery.
Ever since I tasted two beers coming from that plant (fabulous Gold and sensational Axe Edge) that with longing I look out further their liquors.
Those impressions I described here, but now stood in front of me portion of New World Saison straight from the keg.
Buxton likes to experiment with different hops: American, New Zealand. In the bottled version of this saison are used hops: Galaxy, Cascade and Sorachi Ace.



Name: NEW WORLD SAISON (Saison, 6,3% ABV)
Brewery: Buxton Brewery (Buxton, Derbyshire, East Midlands, England)

New World Saison from Buxton Brewery
Light amber colour.
White foam medium high, falling with lacing.
The beer is cloudy.
In aroma noticeable fruits (strawberries, citrus), floral notes, yeast.
Flavour just like aroma: brings fruits (strawberries, citrus fruits) and floral notes,
there is little of spices (coriander) and notes of yeast.
Vivid bitterness.
Carbonation medium-high.
pump ocena-4_5m


Another beer is Gamma Ray from London brewery Beavertown.
During one of my visits to Old No.7 I tried beer in saison style named Quelle, coming from this brewery. And it was a very pleasant experience.
So I could not skip the opportunity to try of this strongly hopped American Pale Ale.

According to information on Beavertown website, Gamma Ray is produced using malt: Pale, caramel Caragold and Caramalt and Wheat.
To hopped they used Magnum, Bravo and Columbus hops.



Name: GAMMA RAY (American Pale Ale, 5,4% ABV, 44 IBU)
Brewery: Beavertown (Tottenham Hale, London, England)

Gamma Ray from Beavertown

Gold colour, white head high, quite durable.
The beer is hazy, medium carbonation.
Aroma of fruits, citrusy, hoppy.
Flavour is dominated by citrus, tropical fruits (lychee, pineapple), floral notes.
Light hint of caramel sweets.
Crisp bitterness, bitter finish also clearly: strong but short.
The beer is delicious and very refreshing.

pump ocena-5m


Well, it’s time for a beer from the brewery, which has not visited on my blog. A beer from Thornbridge.

This brewery was founded in 2005 as a plant with capacity of 10 barrels, in Thornbridge Hall (Derbyshire). In 2009 was opened a new plant in nearby Bakewell with capacity of 30 barrels.
Thornbridge is considered to be the first craft brewery in the UK. Theirs beers have won to date more than 350 awards of national and international importance. They are exported all over the world to over 30 countries.

Their most famous beer is Jaipur – multiple winner of the most important awards, titles and medals.



Name: JAIPUR (India Pale Ale, 5,9% ABV)
Brewery: Thornbridge (Bakewell, Derbyshire, England)

Jaipur from Thornbridge Brewery

Colour light golden.
White foam, not high, dense.
Beer is slightly cloudy. Carbonation fairly high.
Aroma: clearly fruits (citruses, tropical), hops, flowers.
Flavour is great mix of citruses, tropical fruits,
is gooseberry, are flowers, light hint of sweetness.
Bitterness at a medium level.

Well, what an amazing experience!
Already after this one beer Thornbridge goes to the list of my favorites.
Amazing beer!

pump ocena-5_5m


At the end the choice could be only one – another beer from Thornbridge.

So I asked about half pint of Chiron and I proceeded to degustation.



Name: CHIRON (American Pale Ale, 5,0% ABV)
Brewery: Thornbridge (Bakewell, Derbyshire, England)

Chiron from Thornbridge Brewery

Gold colour, not high white head.
Visible light cloudiness.
In aroma are citrus fruits, hops, malt notes.
Flavour is fruity (citruses and tropical fruits)
hops, a little of spices, a little sweetness.
Bitterness medium.

Comparing this beer with just drunk Jaipur I conclude,
the flavour profile of both beers is very similar.
However, while Jaipur until bursting with aromas and flavours, they were very intense and rich,
that Chiron is more subdued and muted.
This does not change the fact that it is a unique beer.

pump ocena-5m


Ugh, that was an evening full of excitement.
On the one hand, the joy of the great beverages from Thornbridge, Beavertown, Buxton, Acorn, Dark Star…
On the other – sadness at the departure of friend.

I know that Michael looks on my blogger actions of so…
See you in the next post.

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