In the pub [7] – Acorn, Magic Rock, Wickwar

Quite a long time since I visited the pub Old No.7 in Barnsley. Time to catch up.
Today at the bar beers from Acorn, Magic Rock, Wickwar.


It so happened that it’s my first visit this year in my favorite pub.

I must add that for two weeks place was closed for renovation. Refreshed hall, bar, but also built completely new toilets – a very important element of well-functioning pub 😉

The main thing that finally I came in here with visit.
I knew roughly what beers I can be expect thanks to current information from Twitter and Facebook, which Old No.7 publishes regularly on their profiles.


So, the first one went a pint of brand new Acorn’s IPA.

Hallertau Blanc IPA is another India Pale Ale from tireless Acorn Brewery.
This is single hop beer – beer that is brewed with only one variety of hops. As the name suggests, this obviously means German hops Hallertau Blanc.
This aromatic variety is compared with New Zealand Nelson Sauvin.
It gives the fruit flavours (mango, pineapple, grapefruit, gooseberry) and floral at the same time.
I was very curious about this ale.


Name: HALLERTAU BLANC IPA (India Pale Ale, alc. 5,0% vol.)
Brewery: Acorn Brewery (Wombwell, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England)

Hallertau Blanc IPA from Acorn Brewery

The colour of beer is amber.
White foam is rather low, with lacing on glass.
In aroma we have a fruity notes, mainly citrusy, hoppy.

Taste is a composition made up of different fruits – a real fruit cocktail.
There are citruses, especially grapefruit, it is gooseberry, there are yellow tropical fruits – pineapple, mango.
Fruits are so flavourful that it resemble flowers, hence the presence of floral notes.

All this is not so clear as in the case of beers with Nelson Sauvin,
but the bouquet is quite distinct and unusual.

Added to this is quite strong bitterness.

Very original beer with relatively rare used variety of hops.

pump ocena-4_5m


Subsequently, I could not let go of the opportunity to try two beers from Magic Rock Brewery.
This brewery from Huddersfield accustomed me already to products at a very high level.

The first, which I asked was Redolent Rye.
This beer is brewed with rye, as India Pale Ale, with an alcohol content 6% abv.


Name: REDOLENT RYE (Rye IPA / Speciality Grain, alc. 6,0% ABV)
Brewery: Magic Rock (Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England)

Redolent Rye from Magic Rock Brewery

Colour is amber and tea.
Foam light beige, medium height.

Aroma is mainly fruity: passion fruit, oranges, strawberries.

The taste is also dominated by fruits: citruses (oranges, grapefruit), melon, wild strawberries.
Then there are spicy notes, slightly resinous.
It is present sweetness of caramel, toffee.

Bitterness quite substantial, but not accumulated – quickly disappears after rinsing another sip of sweetness.

pump ocena-4_5m


The second beer from Magic Rock was Common Grounds, or how it defines the brewery: Triple Coffee Porter.

It’s really coffee beer was created in cooperation with the coffee roaster Dark Woods near Huddersfield.
Gentlemen from Magic Rock have always wanted to do such beer and finally come to fruition – the final result would not be in line with expectations, if not for the high-quality coffee.
In the production process was used 7 types of malts and 7 different coffee varieties added three times during brewing.

That’s the final result just I have before me in the form of a glass of porter.


Name: COMMON GROUNDS (Porter, alc. 5,4% ABV)
Brewery: Magic Rock (Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England)

Common Grounds from Magic Rock Brewery

Black colour, only at the very bottom of the glass – brown flashes.
Foam beige, tall, creamy, stable.

Aroma: freshly ground and brewed coffee.
Further notes of chocolate (milk chocolate more) and roasted malt.

Intensive flavour of coffee in the foreground.
further notes of chocolate, toffee, and roasted malt.
Velvety sweetness broken by dry bitterness.
With the further plan come fruity notes, vanilla.
Bitter aftertaste, typical coffee.

A very original porter.

pump ocena-4_5m



And finally, one more beer memo.
This beer I had the opportunity to try during one of the earlier visit in the pub.

This is Falling Star from Wickwar Brewing in southern England.
Once I tried their ruby ale Witch Craft on Halloween, this time it’s a golden ale brewed with Maris Otter malt and a set of three varieties of hops: Cascade and Willamette (aromatic varieties from the US) and Mittlefruh (German noble aromatic-spicy variety).


Name: FALLING STAR (Golden Ale / Blonde Ale, alc. 4,2% ABV)
Brewery: Wickwar Wessex Brewing Company Limited (Wickwar, South Gloucestershire, England)

Falling Star from Wickwar Brewing

Colour is dark gold, amber.
Foam rather low, fine bubbles, falling with lacing.

The aroma of malt, hops with a hint of fruits.
The taste is similar: mainly malt, to this coming citruses and generally – fruity notes.
Bitterness is at medium level.

Typical, nice golden ale.

pump ocena-4m


And that’s all for today.
See you in the pub next time and to the next post.

Hold on and greet
Doctor Ale


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