In the pub [8] – Tiny Rebel, Weihenstephaner, Revolutions, Freedom

I present a few more interesting beers, which I tried in the pub Old No.7.
Among them were ales and lager from Tiny Rebel, Weihenstephaner, Revolutions, Freedom.


Recently I again visited the pub Old No.7 in Barnsley.

In fact, the amount of interesting beers that appear in this extraordinary place is beyond my consumption capabilities. One would like to try each of them, but it would involve daily visits in the pub. For this, however, I do not decide, for various reasons.
I have come to terms with the fact that many beers I don’t taste and not think about it too much, and focus on those that just I have the opportunity to try.
Often such thoughts come to me when visiting this pub.



To warm up, I chose the beer from microbrewery Revolutions.
Revolutions Brewing Company, because that is the full name of the brewery, is located in Castleford, West Yorkshire.
As they say about themselves – their beers are inspired by music. What could be more enjoyable than listening to your favorite music while sipping a good beer? Motto of this brewery – LOVE MUSIC: LOVE BEER.

At the same time they are dog lovers – actively supporting the organisation DogsTrust, which deals with the protection, care and adoption of these wonderful pets.

Beers from Revolutions Brewery are multiple winners of awards at regional beer competitions organised by SIBA (the society for independent brewers).

In the pub just was available their ale with a funny name Furry-tail of Yorkshire, defined by the brewery as Spiced Winter Ale.
Obviously on pump-clip is shown image of a dog, DogsTrust logo and a graphic element common to all of their beers – black vinyl single.


Name: FURRY-TAIL OF YORKSHIRE (Spiced Ale, alc. 4,5% vol., cask)
Brewery: Revolutions Brewing Company (Castleford, West Yorkshire, England)

Furry-tail of Yorkshire from Revolutions Brewing Co.

Dark amber with a copper tint.
Foam is white, low.
Aroma is mostly spices, nutmeg, fruits.
Malt flavour, with spices (cinnamon, cloves), fruits (citrus, oranges).
Rather little bodied, light.
Thanks to the spices tastes good on a cool, rainy evening in the pub.

pump ocena-4m



For the first time in the pub I came across a beer from Tiny Rebel.

This Welsh brewery, located in Newport, began in a garage in 2008. Founded by two homebrewers, from 2012 operates officially as a brewery Tiny Rebel.
One year after opening, their three beers took home three medals: Gold, Silver and Bronze on Great Welsh Beer Festival 2013 in category Champion Beer of Wales.
Another title of Champion in 2014 (for the beer Fubar).
Year 2015 brought the title Champion Beer of Britain on Great British Beer Festival 2015 for the beer with an unusual name Cwtch.
About such a career many can only dream.

No wonder that I threw up on their beer, which just arrived in keg. It was an American Pale Ale with the name Cali.
The beer is very fresh product of the brewery – joined it to offer this January. Brewed in West Coast style, stuffed with Mosaic, Simcoe and Equinox hops – promises to be very aromatic.


Name: CALI (American Pale Ale, alc. 5,6% vol, keg)
Brewery: Tiny Rebel (Newport, Wales, UK)

Cali from Tiny Rebel

Colour light-amber, not high white foam.

Aroma is citrusy, especially grapefruit, lychee, mango.

Flavour: we get intense fruity attack
– a real fruity cocktail.
Citrus fruits (grapefruit, mandarin)
combined with tropical fruits (mango, passion fruit, lychee).
Trochę słodyczy toffi, trochę ziołowej pikantności od chmielu.

Bitterness, initially a little suppressed by fruits
after a few sips coming out from under them and begins to grow slightly
but shall not exceed the average level of intensity.
Finish is sweet and bitter (taste of citrus zest).

Very intense in aromas and flavours APA.

pump ocena-5m



Because I have a weakness for wheat beers, I do not never miss an opportunity to taste the next.

In Old No.7 is always at least one weizen or witbier – this time Comet Weisse has waiting in keg, from brewery Weihenstephan.

The full name of the brewery is: Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan.
It is located in a Benedictine monastery in Weihenstephan – is said to be the world’s oldest continuously operating brewery. The beginning of the brewery in fact dates back to the year 1040.

In their offer we can find wheat beers, pilses, helles lagers, bocks.
Comet Weisse is a representative of the German style hefeweizen.


Name: COMET WEISSE (Hefeweizen, alc. 6,4% vol., keg)
Brewery: Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan (Freising, Germany)

Comet Weisse from Weihenstephaner

Yellow colour, opaque, white foam.
Aromas typical for hefe: banana and cloves.
Flavour similar carries the typical elements of banana and cloves.
Besides, pepper notes are present, some chewing gum.
The beer is slightly sour and at the same time it has the sweetness of wheat.
Bitterness is moderate, carbonation fairly high.

Typical good German hefeweizen.

pump ocena-4_5m



At the end I decided to try a small portion of lager from the brewery Freedom.
The brewery started in London in 1995. Now has its headquarters in Staffordshire and advertises itself as a British expert in the field of lagers.

The fact is that I avoid lagers because they associate me with concerns, tasteless mass-produce which sole purpose is to satisfy thirst and provide a portion of alcohol into the blood.
However, happened to me several times to try lagers full flavour and aroma (also here, in Old No.7) and I was curious how will be tasted this Authentic Lager from Freedom Brewery.


Name: AUTHENTIC LAGER (Pale Lager, alc. 4,0% vol., keg)
Brewery: Freedom Brewery (Staffordshire, West Midlands, England)

Authentic Lager from Freedom Brewery

It looks like a typical lager – clear, transparent, highly saturated, with a white foam.

Next is unfortunately less well.
Aroma is frail, hoppy.
It tastes like authentic, but still mass-produce lager.
There’s no denying that after beers full of aroma and flavour, drunk today,
this lager performed very weakly.

pump ocena-2_5m

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