India Pale Ale Black – mystical world of The Kernel

Memorable moment came. Revolution on the blog!
From today, also products from craft and new wave breweries will be guests.
For a start – really amazing beer.


This moment had to come.
Blog about beer can not be closed to what is happening outside supermarkets and network of large traditional breweries. And happens really a lot.

In the UK takes in the best the beer revolution.
Since the introduction of tax relief for small breweries their number is the highest in the entire post-war history this business – and still come a new.
What they produce overturns completely the concept of a traditional English ale.
Several of these craft breweries I had opportunity to meet on the occasion of my visits to the pub Old No.7 in Barnsley, these were such breweries as Magic Rock, Beavertown, Buxton, Tiny Rebel, Great Heck and many others.

Excellent beers from these brewhouses so already visited here on the blog, but only from today I begin to present their bottled or canned versions.

Craft beers in bottles are not widely available, especially in smaller towns such as Barnsley. Therefore remains internet – a reliable way to buy less accessible products.
I will try to, that new wave ales were frequent guests on the pages of my blog, because they are really worth of this.


Today beer from a brewery of London The Kernel BreweryIndia Pale Ale Black.

Therefore, the craft breweries don’t have a long, centuries-old tradition – these are pretty young plants – so there is no too much information about them. They are focused simply on production of beers, brews are so small that they sell at once – so there is no big advertising campaigns, commercials, something about what could be more widely write on the blog.

Anyway, maybe this is right, you can focus on the products and these are usually remarkable beers.

Look, moreover, into the website of the brewery The Kernel – is very ascetic, not on it much information about the brewery, its history, etc.
Nevertheless, I was able to find something interesting .

The brewery was founded by Evin O’Riordain in 2009.
Evin had earlier experience as a homebrewer, but just a visit to American brewery Russian River encouraged him to start brewing on a wider scale.
Head of the brewery is located in London… initially just below the railway crossing.

The beginnings of the brewery in 2010, trains, working Evin we can see in the short film.
Pay attention to the capsuling machine and the production of labels – such were the beginnings.




Shock? Many breweries so began and many still so begins.
But as they say: with patience and work… people brew still better beers.
Today, despite, that beers from The Kernel are in the forefront on such beer sites as RateBeer or BeerAdvocate, still their identifying attribute is that amazing label, as if cut out of gray wrapping paper with printed stamp.


Currently, labels sends already printing house, crown capper is a professional machine, but beyond that you can see, that focused on the work Evin O’Riordain has a positive impact on his friends – workers of the brewery.
Please watch necessarily the second film from 2013, great realized, showing an almost mystical atmosphere at work in brewery The Kernel. (Click the window below – the film is to watch on Vimeo)




Time for beer – India Pale Ale Black with alcohol content 6,6% ABV.

The word “Black” in the name of style indicates of course the colour of beer. This variety of IPA owes its coloru to addition of roasted malt, However, the assumption is that it has no impact on the taste profile (and even if so, in a small degree). Black IPA has still to taste like India Pale Ale.

Used one variety of hops – New Zealand Nelson Sauvin. It’s one of my favourites, incredibly aromatic – fruity, citrusy, herbal, resinous – what is not in it.


Here a small note: if you drank beer from The Kernel named, for example India Pale Ale, or as drunk today – India Pale Ale Black, it doesn’t mean that we already have it “done”. Produced still new brews with the same name, but still hopped with new compositions of hops, its other varieties. In fact, the name of today tested by me beer should be: “India Pale Ale Black, Nelson Sauvin version”.
A similar practice, indeed, is used by many other craft breweries.


The beer is bottle-conditioned, has half-year period of validity.
In addition, on the label is the request of the brewery: “Please drink fresh”. This is personal request from Evin O’Riordain, who is known that pays great attention to the freshness and quality of his beer so that it doesn’t lose its valuable aromas from hops.
My beer was bottled in November 2015 and has validity period until May – so, it is fresh.

Well… where I laid this opener?
OK, I got it.


Name: INDIA PALE ALE [Nelson Sauvin] (Black IPA, alc. 6,6%ABV)
Brewery: The Kernel Brewery (London, England)

Expiration date: 19/05/2016 (bottle conditioned, 330ml)

India Pale Ale Black from The Kernel Brewery
India Pale Ale Black from The Kernel Brewery


India Pale Ale from The Kernel Brewery 3


test-look-small After removing cap I sniffed neck of the bottle – I nearly passed out: a frenzy of fruits and tropics.
The beer is dark brown, almost black, at the bottom of the glass can be determined what is the colour.
Head is beige, high, dense and durable.

The aroma after pouring is a riot of tropical fruits and citrus.
In addition to this resinous and pine notes.


Flavour – first we have fruits sweetness: tropical fruits such mango, passion fruit, lychee, mixed with citruses (oranges, grapefruit).
This feeling of pure sweetness takes a second, because immediately it is held down in check by intensive bitterness.
It recalls the flavour of citrus zest, or the bitterness of grapefruit.
All the time are also present flavours of resin and pine, that was already noticeable in aroma. This tart resinous creates a flavour and builds a bitterness.
In addition, already from a further plan, come roasted notes and coffee taste.
Aftertaste is decidedly bitterish, We feel this flavour at the back of tongue, is crisp, strong, but pleasantly citrusy.
Carbonation is at a medium level.


India Pale Ale from The Kernel Brewery 2


India Pale Ale Black from The Kernel Brewery is a masterpiece of brewing.

Beer is filled with aromas that attack us from the beginning. Aromas and flavours are very intense, no need to look for them – they will find you themselves.
This beer is sniff and drink at the same time – deriving pleasure with all the senses.
It’s like a pine, resinous forest, in which in the clearing we eat a platter full of tropical fruits and citrus.

But… why this bottle is so small?




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