Indie Ale – Smells Like Beer Spirit

Here is a representative of the Italian craft brewing – India Ale from brewery Elav.


Earlier I already described on the blog beer from Italy, it was the IPA from brewery Opperbacco. After that tasting I have the best memories – the beer was excellent.

Today, another representative from Italy, from the brewery Elav.

The full name of that brewery is Birrificio Indipendente Elav and was founded in 2010.
Located in a beautifully situated village Comun Nuovo, near Bergamo.

The brewery started out as a brewhouse with a capacity of 300 liters, gradually expand – now one batch is 2000 liters.
Malts that they use come mainly from England, and hops that are varieties from around the world, but 5 varieties are grown in the immediate vicinity of the plant.
How looks farmland of hops and its surroundings can be seen on the short film – a real paradise, just such a term comes to mind looking at these magnificent views.




Naming their beers Elav often uses music associations. So we have: Dark Metal, Grunge IPA, Punks Do It Better, or Indie Ale.
Slogan of the brewery, which can be found on the label India AleSmells Like Beer Spirit, is, of course, a reference to the title of the song of Nirvana.

The offer of beers, which can be viewed on the Elav website, looks indeed impressive – wateringly at them.

Products of the brewery are multiple winners of awards, medals and titles.
Indie Ale has won, among others: Silver Medal in Brussels Beer Challenge 2012, Gold Medal – Beer of the Year 2013 in Unionbirrai, Silver Medal in Australian Beer Awards 2015, Gold Medal in Barcelona Beer Festival 2016 and many others.


Indie Ale is a beer in the style Amber Ale. For the production used malts: Pils, Dark Munich and Crystal.
Beer is hopped by Columbus, Sorachi, Cascade, Citra, Centennial, Simcoe and Willamette hops.
Like all beers of the brewery is unfiltered and unpasteurized.

So, I open a bottle with an intriguing label, and in my mind I move to sunny Bergamo area and… I tasting.



Name: INDIE ALE (Amber Ale, alc. 5,5% ABV)
Brewery: Birrificio Indipendente Elav (Comun Nuovo, Bergamo, Italy)

Expiration date: 29/11/2017 (bottle 330ml)

Indie Ale from Elav - beer (1)
Indie Ale from Elav - labels
Indie Ale from Elav - beer (3)
test-look-small Dark amber in colour with a copper tint.
Foam high, fine-bubbles, thick
– dropping sticks to glass.
test-sniff-small The sweet aroma of fruits
– intense aroma of lychee, mandarin, as well as black currants, apples.
It is also present touch of pine, resinous.
test-drink-small The taste of malt and fruity; something like a fruit cake.
So, it is sweetness of cereal, bread and lots of fruits – initially sweet.
They are mandarin, lychee, blackcurrant, melon, pineapple – everyone will find the taste of favorite fruit.
We also have floral accents – the taste is very rich and varied.
After this interlude come to the fore more dry flavours – there are grapefruits with skin.
They create bitterness in which we also find pine resin and some herbs.
The finish is crisp, resinous, bitter from citrus peel and seeds,
but at the end we get yet memory of fruit sweetness.
Saturation average. Bodied at a medium level.


Indie Ale from Elav - beer (2)


Indie Ale is extremely tasty beer.
Already aroma promises an exciting experience – sweet, multi fruity aroma with resinous accent informs us that in this beer not spared on hops.
The taste confirms this: we have a lot of fruits with floral notes, but it is also clear malty sweetness – a combination that resembles a delicious cake with fruits. But then comes the vast bitterness – citrus, grapefruit, accompanied by accents of resin.
Finish dry, with citrus peel – strong, but quite short. And at the end again, fruits and floral flavours that we felt at the beginning.

Indie Ale is an example of the wonderful, delicious Amber Ale, that really can be regarded as India Pale Ale – strongly hopped, with a strong bitterness, but with an extra malty profile.





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