The flavour of four – introduction to the Guinness tasting

four types of Guinness


And thus you come to one of the first posts. I invite you to explore common beers, their styles, breweries which produce extraordinary liquors – the world of beer is really huge and fascinating.


I was wondering which beer to choose to publish as the first beer tasting on this blog.
After some thought, the choice fell on the icon, the beer-legend, the most popular beer in Ireland, adored by many amateurs of beer around the world.
The Guinness!

And not one, but immediately tempted to compare the four products of the brewery in Dublin. Whether the Guinness is Irish beer or global product is another matter. The fact is that the brewery was founded in Dublin in 1759 by a man named Arthur Guinness. Today, however, is produced in nearly 60 countries around the world and sold in more than 120. Annual production of this stout exceeds 850 million liters.

So it’s no surprising that, when I found myself almost at the source, where it comes from this famous liquor, I felt the need to reach for the pint of this nectar.
Looking at how those newcomers from Ireland stand proudly on the shelf, dressed in a stylish, shape label, I thought about the centuries of dividing us from the creators of this beer. How many events passed into history, how many discoverers, how many artists – and this beer is still with us.
Thus equipped with four bottles of Guinness, in the comfort of my room, I begin to make friends with those dark pals.
As a first to glass will go Original, version number XX of this porter.

I invite you to the next post. To prepare it, I take for a tasting immediately.

Doctor Ale


Here is a list of links leading to reviews of Guinness beers.
Topics on the blog related to this famous Irish brewery are more – just type in a blog search engine: “Guinness”.



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