King Goblin – The Power of the King

This is the third coming from the lineage of Goblins.
This time the King himself

Today it’s time to launch the Special Reserve – time to familiarize with the power of the King of Goblins.

King Goblin is the strongest beer in the offer of Wychwood Brewery. Due to its strength (alcohol content 6.6%) is defined as “Special Reserve”.
Beer is advertised asOnly Brewed on a Full Moon, which adds to its uniqueness fairytale, yet it fits into the context of just the upcoming Halloween night.

What do we know about this beer?

King Goblin is a beer in the style of English Strong Ale, although the brewery defines his style as a Special Reserve.
Were used for brewing barley malts: roasted chocolate and cristal and four varieties of hops:

  1. FugglesEnglish aromatic hops. It gives the beer a mild, spicy character;
  2. SovereignIt gives floral aromas, grassy, herbal. Also used for bitterness in the type of green tea;
  3. Styrianadds similar flavors like Fuggles hops;
  4. Cascadeused due to flavor of tropical fruits. It can also be used to hopping for bitterness.

Reading the ingredient list, we know more or less what beer can be expected.
I think that there’s no wait, but immediately proceed to verification


Name: King Goblin (alc. 6,6% vol.)
Brewery: Wychwood Brewery (Witney, Oxfordshire, England)


King Goblin beer Special Reserve

King Goblin labels

Beer in the style of English Strong Ale.
Expiration date: 31/07/2016


test-look-small Chestnut colour with ruby tint.
Foam cream colored, fine bubbles, quite high. Falls remain to the end in the ring form.
test-sniff-small Smell: first of all I feel a fruits from a tincture of alcohol, further aroma of malt and alcohol.
test-drink-small Flavor distinctly malty caramel plus fruity notes. Such fruit cake sprinkled with alcohol.
Beer is full in flavor, full-bodied. Palpable alcohol.
Bitterness moderate hoppyherbal, with greater sip is slightly tannin. However, the tartness I feel only for a moment.


King Goblin is concrete beer. Large content of alkohol (as in English ale), to the sweetness of seasoned medium bitterness – this is a full-bodied beer, warming. Just in time for autumn evening.
Not stirred a riot of flavor, but it can ripple in the head and it tastes good.



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