Kustom Lager – Pistonhead a second time

The topic of today’s post is a beer from Sweden. The guest at me again lager, which is branded by a flaming skull. This time it’s Kustom Lager.


Some time ago I reviewed a beer from Brutal Brewing AG, it was Pistonhead Full Amber.
That lager I well remember; it gives me a lot of pleasure.
Is it the same will be the case today Kustom Lager? I hope yes.

I remind you that Brutal Brewing is a group of enthusiasts who work on a daily in the big concern type brewery Bryggeri Spendrups and bored with the taste of mass-produced beer (or rather the lack of taste) decided to roll up their sleeves and show what should be real beer.

Kustom Lager is another liquor signed a flaming skull Calavera, and this is how it is not difficult to guess after a name – lager.
It is a version of canned beer, with a capacity of 330ml and the alcohol content 4.6%.

As we read on the package, to produce Kustom Lager used two malts: Munchener and Pilsner. For hopping they used Magnum and Perle hops.

There is nothing to write much here. I suggest get straight to tasting, the more because I’m very curious about this lager.


Name: KUSTOM LAGER (Premium Lager, alc. 4,6% vol., puszka 330ml)
Brewery: Brutal Brewing AG (Szwecja)

Expiration date: 17/06/2016

Kustom Lager from Brutal Brewing
Kustom Lager can


test-look-small Pale gold colour.
White head, medium high, but falls covering the surface of beer.
test-sniff-small The aroma of citrus fruits, hops, malt.
DMS perceptible.
test-drink-small Malt flavour, light sweetness of caramel.
Citrus fruits from aroma went somewhere to hide – almost undetectable.
Bitterness low, more perceptible as aftertaste.
Medium carbonation.
Beer in perception is watery and low bodied.


Kustom Lager, well… Poor is that lager.
The aroma in total rather less pleasant (DMS felt it spoils). Flavour is weak and anemic. Bitterness lackluster.
Well, unfortunately for this beer certainly I will not go back, as opposed to the abovementioned Full Amber which I recommend.
Kustom Lager better avoid. Unless someone collecting cans.




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