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Extremely charming located brewery Odyssey from the beginning put on the quality of their products. Today my guest is a session IPA called Little India.


Odyssey Brew Co. from Brockhampton Estate

First there was a pub, not just any indeed. From the beginning the owners, marriage Mitchell and Alison Evans, put up on the quality of beer, which they offered to customers.
Set in 2013, in a building of an old launderette in Hereford, thanks to the hard work and well considered offer, after just one year they received the title Pub of the Year, awarded by CAMRA.

While managing Beer in Hand, because that is the name of the pub, they often have to deal with a beer of average, or even poor quality.
So when in 2014 arose the opportunity to acquire the brewery in Brockhampton – they used it.

Thus arose Odyssey Brew, where is brewed beer from which the owners (of pub and brewery) are really proud.


Brockhampton National Trust Estate


The brewery is housed in beautifully located, charming National Trust Brockhampton Estate. Headquarters is really a place of historic interest, protected by the National Trust – the state organization dedicated to the conservation of such places.

I am very happy that today I have the opportunity to taste beer from that unique place.

This is a session India Pale Ale called Little India.
According to the information on the label – the beer is strongly hopped, in American-style, full of hop flavour. Despite the lower alcohol content “do not expect average”

Then – I check.



Name: LITTLE INDIA (Session IPA, alc. 4,5% ABV)
Brewery: Odyssey Brew Co. (Brockhampton Estate, West Midlands, England)

Expiration date: 02/2017 (bottle conditioned 500ml)

Little India from Odyssey Brew - beer (1)
Little India from Odyssey Brew - label
Little India from Odyssey Brew - beer (2)
test-look-small The precipitate on the bottom of the bottle (it is bottle-conditioned beer).
The color of beer is golden, amber with an orange tint – is opalescent.
Foam is white, very tall, fine-bubbles initially,
later come medium and large bubbles – foam is punctures, dropping creates lacing.
Visible all the time coming up strings of bubbles.
test-sniff-small Aroma very intense – enormous wealth of tropical fruits.
There is also plenty of citrus (noticeable mainly dry grapefruits).
A lot of pine resin.
test-drink-small The taste is a real hop bomb.
It begins innocently with the sweetness of tropical fruits
– there are mango, pineapple, lychee, but also oranges, tangerines.
This sweetness is relatively gentle, timid, as befits a session beer.
It is difficult, however, be so bold against express, aiming for power and domination bitterness.
At all costs is trying to suppress tropical sweetness – it is citrusy, firmly grapefruit and it offers a whole fruit – including zest and seeds.
Finish long makes us remember about itself; is dry, of grapefruit with a clear resinous accent.
Saturation at a medium level.


Little India from Odyssey Brew - beer (3)


Little India is next session beer (after Citra Odyssey from Fallen Brewing), which enchanted me completely.
Captivating aroma of tropical fruits and citruses with a clear resinous accent announcing extreme flavouring experiences. And so it is, in fact.
The taste of sweet aromatic fruits and delicate malt is quickly removed to the background.
Tigress comes to the fore and unabashedly roars us right in the face. I must admit, however, that the pain inflicted by her claws is very pleasant – bitter citrusy, clearly grapefruit.
Until the very end – dry, with pine accent of maimed trees around, dripping with resin. And we, instead of running away – another sip and another one, until are left only empty glass covered with a memory of this extraordinary beer.
And long we will still feel the smell and taste of this Indian adventure, which we released as a genie out of the bottle.




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  • Rima Sen

    Bengal Tigers are the most solitary animal.They are very possessive about their territory.but due to clashes with humans ,they are loosing their domains.