Margarita Gose – Scottish version of the classic Leipzig beer

In this post, I present a very original version of gose style, derived from Scottish brewery Stewart Brewing. Here is – Margarita Gose.


Stewart Brewing from Loanhead (Scotland)


In previous post I described the experience from tasting the classic beer in the style of gose, originating from Leipzig brewery Bayerischer Bahnhof.

This style is becoming increasingly popular. Gose beers are brewed practically all over the world.
Margarita Gose is a version coming from the Scottish brewery Stewart Brewing.

This brewery, based in Loanhead near Edinburgh, was founded in 2004. Its founders is marriage: Steve and Jo Stewart.
Steve previously worked as a head brewer in several breweries: in Ireland, USA, England. Finally he decided to form his own brewhouse – 10-barrels microbrewery.
At this moment the plant has expanded, greatly increased its capacity, employs 25 workers, gained popularity and reputation. Beer of the brewery have won many medals and titles.


Todays beer is Margarita Gose.
It was produced in collaboration with the Hawkshead Brewery. It’s a brewery from Staveley in Cumbria (Lake District).
Gose, as we know, is an interesting and original style of beer, and the creators of Margarita Gose decided to brew their own variation on its theme.

As we read on the label – a beer was brewed with the addition of Kaffir lime leaves. It is an indispensable accessory in Thai and Indonesian kitchen.
Further additives are salt and Motueka hops.
Motueka is a New Zealand variety of hops – gives aromas of lime, lemon and tropical fruits.

So, the beer is going to be interesting, exotic. It is worth remembering that the cocktail called Margarita is a combination of tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice and salt.

Will I find the flavours of that drink in this beer?
I already check.



Name: MARGARITA GOSE (Gose, alc. 6% ABV, IBU 20)
Brewery: Stewart Brewing (Loanhead, Scotland)

Expiration date: 31/03/2017 (bottle conditioned, 330ml)

Margarita Gose from Stewart Brewing - beer (1)
Margarita Gose from Stewart Brewing - label
Margarita Gose from Stewart Brewing - beer (2)
test-look-small At the bottom of the bottle: yeast sediment.
The colour of beer is golden-amber, is cloudy.
Foam white, low, quickly falls almost entirely.
test-sniff-small Immediately after the bottle is opened, you can feel the fresh citrus aroma.
In addition to citrus, noticeable are tropical fruits, melon, resinous note.
test-drink-small The taste of beer is sour, dry.
There is a lemon acidity combined with a salty accent.
This salt brings out the lemon flavour and next, another flavours that we will sense
– grapefruit, grassy, slightly herbal, resinous.
These flavours permeate each other so that once again return with acidic lemon juice.
Typical bitterness is not here, and the finish is herbal-hoppy with a sour-salty aftertaste.
When we will lick lips – what flavour we sense? Salty, of course.
Saturation is average.


Margarita Gose from Stewart Brewing - beer (4)


Margarita Gose is a very interesting version of the style gose.
Already after opening the bottle we feel hop aromas: are citrus, tropical fruits, hint of resin.
In taste, as befits gose, dominates sour flavour – lemon juice clearly salted. Apart from it is grapefruit, herbs, resin. No typical hop bitterness, finish is herbal with sour-salty aftertaste.
Although I am not a big fan of this style, I must admit that this beer is very original, refreshing, aromatic.




Margarita Gose from Stewart Brewing - beer (3)


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