Master Brew – Master from Kent

Today, the flagship beer of Shepherd NeameMaster Brew Master from Kent.


Today another beer from the Shepherd Neame Brewery (previously I described their famous Spitfire and seasonal Spooks Ale).
Let me remind you that this brewery prides itself as the oldest brewery in the UK (and lots of really good beers on offer, of course).

It is worth mentioning that the Shepherd Neame is located in Kent, and Kent is true hop paradise English garden with lots of hop plantations.

Hops plantation Hops & Oasts - photo by Tony Austin

Typed in a landscape typical houses with pointed roofs that oast houses. Oast (oast house) is a traditional drying of hops an integral part of hops plantation.

Oast houses - photo by Steve Slaterphoto by Steve Slater
Oast houses - photo by grassrootsgroundswellphoto by grassrootsgroundswell


Shepherd Neame in many of its beers using just English hops – varieties from Kent.
This is the case today described Master Brew, but one after the other

Master Brew is the flagship beer of the brewery their real pride.
Sold as caskale it has a 3.6% abv, in bottles – 4.0% abv

Just like Spitfire, Master Brew also is a product protected with geographical indication PGI.


PGI logo Master Brew is a product of protected geographical indication (PGI) awarded by the European Union for the protection of regional products and ensure their authenticity.
The same is protected eg. French champagne, an Italian Parma ham or Polish oscypek cheese


With its production brewery uses local barley and hops.

Hop varieties used come from Kent and These are:

  1. Admiral (mainly used for bitterness)
  2. Target (bittery variety with pleasant herbal aroma)
  3. Goldings (used mainly for flavour)


Us see now how this beer tastes.


Name: MASTER BREW (Bitter, alc. 5,0% vol.)
Brewery: Shepherd Neame Ltd. (Faversham, Kent, England)

Expiration date: 09/2016

Master Brew from Shepherd Neame
Master Brew labels


test-look-small Teaamber colour.
White high foam. It falls to a thin layer persistent long on the surface.
Carbonation should be classified as low, but all the time can see (few) bubbles
test-sniff-small The aroma of malt, hops further, delicate citrus notes.

Taste is not too rich: delicate notes of malt, caramel, citrus.
All elements of the flavour bouquet are rather low in intensity
Bitterness is distinctive and pleasant.
Rather watery beer in the perception


Master Brew is the typical light bitter, not to say watery, without craze in aroma and the flavour.
Good beer to quench thirst, but not to search the nuances of flavour



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