Michael – good luck!

Today’s post, quite unusual, is dedicated with best wishes to Michael.


Already half a year has passed since we came to the UK.
For what? Well, to work of course
Fate threw us to Barnsley, a town in South Yorkshire, where we work.
Each of us has some plans for his own future; some come for a short time, others for longer, sometimes even permanently.
But I think that each of us has at heart the fate of our homeland. We think about country very often.
And if in addition on the other side of internet connection is beloved family, then such life is not easy.


And in such a situation it was also Michael.
Not only that bothered him the lack of immediate family, in additive he is a ardent patriot whom Polish fate is not indifferent.
It is difficult in this situation to live peacefully. Longing won then and Michael decided to return home.


He was talking about this for quite some time, but now, when he is gone out of us, we feel as if we have lost member of the family.
And also because such a family were the four of us: Michael, Bartek, Adam and me.
We worked together, but also together spent free time.
It so happened that we had the same political opinions, the same worldview. I do not forget those all discussions about Poland, about the world, about life…
Common walks, expeditions makes us toward each other: we have created a really harmonious pack.
And for now accompanied us this one thought: without Michael it will not be the same.


Shared there was one more passion – beer.


And it was he who interested us in this.
It was he who, when he came here, talked about beer revolution in Poland, where he was actively involved – belongs to a group of homebrewers.
He would love to open his own brewery. He returned to the country to pursue his dreams.
Hence the title of today’s post:


Michael – good luck!


Without Michael it would not be this blog. It was he who inspired me to a serious interest in the subject of beer. Thanks to him, I decided to transform into words newly awakened passion.




Such enthusiasts is here in the UK, a lot of. I do not mean in the least that all are bloggers, the point is that beer is a really important part of the local culture.

There is a multitude of breweries across the country; these large with a centuries-old tradition, these smaller, but also quite small microbreweries – there is no shortage of enthusiasts.
And of course pubs: at every turn a lot of them. Everywhere you can drink good pint, good English ale.


In Barnsley, however, we discovered a small pub that has become our favorite. If we met for a beer – is only here.


This pub is obviously Old No.7 in the center of Barnsley.


This is pub, which has an exceptional offer for real connoisseurs for-conscious beer lovers. Conscious what they drink and those who are still looking for new taste experiences.
Only here you have a drink of beer from such breweries as: Buxton, Beavertown, Great Heck, Magic Rock, Thornbridge and many other truly exceptional.
Michael’s favourite beer was Gorlovka – stout from the local brewery Acorn.


It is no wonder that this pub has become our favourite and it is no wonder that this place we chose on our last farewell meeting last Saturday.


In addition, the pub staff made us an extraordinary surprise.
Suddenly, they joined the farewell Michael and put us on the table delicious battery of beverages. Of course, at the cost of the company.
Jaws dropped us with the impression.




Delightful barmans I warmly greet.
I thank them for the nice gesture, but also for their patience.
For the purpose of this blog in fact I have a habit of photographing each purchased beer and a pump clip with its name, and sometimes when the bar is crowded, it is necessary dose of patience from each of the parties.
I thank you.


Pożegnanie Michała w Old No.7, Barnsley


And you, Michael, once again we greet
and we wish fulfillment of your dreams.

See you!


Pożegnanie Michała


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