Notting Hill Amber – Moncada Brewery from London

Today, I’m testing a beer from London brewery – Moncada. This is amber ale called Notting Hill Amber. I invite you to read post.


Moncada Brewery in London

Julio Moncada comes from Argentina, he arrived in the UK in 2001.
He settled in London and decided to pursue his passion – brewing. Initially as a homebrewer, and since 2011 as the owner of a professional brewery – Moncada.
This is, in short, the history of this London brewery.

The idea of this plant is the production of beer in a natural way, using four natural ingredients: water, yeast, malt and hops, unfiltered, friendly for vegetarians and vegans.

All beers from main offer are called Notting Hill, with reference to the London area, and additionally a phrase that describes the style. So we have Notting Hill Blonde, Notting Hill Porter etc. – full offer and any information, blog, gallery are available on the website Moncada Brewery.

The brewery also runs his bar, where in addition to beers from the offer you can try the one off experiments made by the staff of Moncada.



Name: NOTTING HILL AMBER (Amber Ale, alc. 4,7% ABV)
Brewery: Moncada Brewery (London, England)

Expiration date: 12/2016 (bottle conditioned, 330ml)

Notting Hill Amber from Moncada Brewery - beer (1)
Notting Hill Amber from Moncada Brewery - labels
Notting Hill Amber from Moncada Brewery - beer (3)
test-look-small At the bottom of the bottle – yeast sediment.
Beer is amber in colour with a copper tint.
The beer is cloudy, unfiltered.
Foam cream coloured, low, rapidly falling – it remains the only ring on the surface.
test-sniff-small Extremely pleasant, very crisp citrus aroma,
with an intense resinous hint, pine.
test-drink-small Flavour is sweet and dry.
We have a taste of malt, of bread – it gives a sweet accent.
In this sweetness we can also find fruits (sweet citrus: pomelo, mandarin, as well as notes of melon).
Right next we have dry flavour (citrusy)
which takes the initiative and comes with a clear bitterness.
We have in it mainly grapefruits and resinous accent.
Finish is definitely dry
– there is a whole grapefruit (with peel and seeds), there are herbs adding bitterness and a clear resin.
That finish is quite strong (very pleasant and refreshing)
but soon softens and leaves pine-malt flavour.
Medium saturation.


Notting Hill Amber from Moncada Brewery - beer (2)


Notting Hill Amber is a wonderfully refreshing, packed with hops, aromatic amber ale.
Already extremely intense, citrusy-resinous aroma promises what can we expect for the moment.
We have crisp dry citrusy flavour with a clear pine accent, combined with malty, bread sweetness, in which we find also sweet citruses (pomelo, mandarin), or some melon.
Bitterness pleasantly caresses our palate with dry citruses, so that for the moment to strike with bitter grapefruit, seasoned with resin. This finish is strong, but relatively short and very fresh – leaves a malt-pine aftertaste.
Beer is well balanced, very tasty and refreshing.






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