Old Moor Porter – in Victorian style

After a series of pale beers from Acorn Brewery today the turn of the dark type.
Referring to the historical traditions of an English brown porter – Old Moor Porter.


From the regular offer of bottled beers from Acorn Brewery from Barnsley, I remained to describe two more beers – porter and imperial stout.
For today’s tasting I chose the first one.
Name of beer is Old Moor Porter and this is, as described brewery, ‘a full-bodied Victorian style porter’.

Some information about the origin of beer called porter I made here.
Let me remind you that it dates back to the thirties of XVIII century. It was created by mixing three species of ale: pale, mild and brown. It was a beverage of the working class, including porters (hence the name of style).

Porter maintained its high popularity in England throughout XIX century (derive from it more powerful version called stout).
The collapse occurred after World War I and after World War II porter virtually disappeared completely.

The revival of the style took place in the 1970s with the formation of the so-called craft breweries.


Today described beer refers to the traditional English porter (also called brown porter), which in England is called simply – porter.
Contrary to eg. robust porter – variety stronger and more roasted, English porter is less alcoholic and contains more sweet and caramel flavours. And just this kind of porter was popular in the XIX century, among the workers in the Victorian era, mentioned by Acorn Brewery.


Old Moor Porter is a winner of many awards and titles.
A long would have to write out all that got, but among them are, eg. Gold in SIBA North Beer Competition 2004, Gold in SIBA North Beer Competition 2012, Gold in Sheffield Steel City Beer Festival 2013, and finally Gold in International Bottled Beer Awards 2015.


This porter Acorn brewed using the following malts: as a basic – Maris Otter, then caramel – Crystal, chocolate slightly roasted – Pale Chocolate and roasted caramel – Black.
Used a single variety of hops – UK Challenger.



Name: OLD MOOR PORTER (Porter, alc. 4,4% ABV)
Brewery: Acorn Brewery (Wombwell, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England)

Expiration date: 06/2016 (50cl bottle)

Old Moor Porter from Acorn Brewery
Old Moor Porter, Acorn Brewery - labels


test-look-small The colour of beer is brown-cherry.
Foam beige, low, quite quickly falling.
test-sniff-small A clear aromas of coffee, roasted malt, smoky notes.
test-drink-small Flavour base of this porter creates a mix of flavors: coffee, chocolate, caramel.
In the background are perceptible notes of smoked (smoked plums) and licorice.
Present clearly sweetness is countered by the dryness of bitterness.
Bitterness when it is not used widely, which makes porter relatively soft in the perception – is smooth, velvety.
The finish is slightly tart, tannic. In the mouth remains subdued feeling of bitterness and smoke notes.
Beer is quite bodied. Low carbonation.


Old Moor Porter from Acorn Brewery is exceptionally tasty porter.
We have typical flavours for this style – coffee, chocolate, caramel. In addition to the pleasant notes of smoked fruits, plums and some licorice.
It has a nice sweetness that gives the body of this beer, countered slightly tart bitterness.
Porter only contains 4.4% ABV, and that is tasty, bodied, smooth in feeling, then I want another portion of this delicacy.
Old Moor Porter remains one of my favourite porters.



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